March 9, 2011


Good Day To You!

I’m back in NY and finally got a great room away from the buzz of times square where Penny and I can sleep soundly.

Today I’m looking forward to connecting with my students on my PPS Coaching call and catching up with some others later in the day. I’m heading out to the park for a little tai chi before my call and have enjoyed a lovely morning reading and studying.

I wanted to share this piece of art Vidya and I created together some time ago; I just added some squiggles for dimension but Vidya did most of it!

The Ouroborous represents the snake that eats it’s own tail. This is a metaphysical symbol that means life eats life. It also stands for Spirit.

It is worth remembering that we become what we consume. Our physical body feeds on food. Out emotional body feeds on emotions, and our mental body feeds on our thoughts.

You can have a good diet, yet, through lack of self-awareness, be emotionally imbalanced or sick and hard to be with. Since the emotional body reflects the mental body or mind of an individual, the importance of mental self-management (the topic of PPS Lesson 2.) becomes evident.

Today, I offer you a chance to meditate for a few minutes on all your challenges.

When we look honestly at what we are consuming out of habit that isn’t contributing to our well-being, or that of others we share relationships with, it often becomes evident as to what needs removal from our “love-diet”.

A few minutes and a little honesty goes a long way toward creating peace in your life.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek