November 3, 2006

October 2006

Well, HELLO!

Wow! So great to be home!until tomorrow that is! I’m heading off to Miami to give workshops and lectures at the Miami East Coast Alliance conference, where I’ve been presenting for some six years running now. Great conference by the way! Gary and Carol Scott really give me room to educate and be honest without all the unnecessary corporate hype. Thanks Gary! Thanks Carol!

When I last spoke, I was just heading off to Copenhagen from England to lecture at the World Jr. Golf conference. You can see me at the conference in the photo below. I had a great time teaching golf pros from some 33 countries around the world how to condition junior golfers. Needless to say, they must have got my message because we set the all time sales record for books and products sold at a single lecture event! I love it!

Penny and I left Copenhagen by car and drove to visit two of my favorite people, Joakim and Anna Detner at their beautiful home in Ronneby, Sweden. Below, you can see me leading Joakim, Anna, John (Joakim’s father) and Vivian (Joakim’s mother) through a sound healing meditation in Joakim and Anna’s beautiful, big back yard. While there, I led Joakim, Anna and Joakim’s parents through a series of spiritual development exercises.

When I do this work, I use poetry, mind-mapping and mandalas. Frequently, I develop a map to activate the sub-conscious and super-conscious mind for my purposes as their spiritual guide and for their purpose. They can access my true intentions for them simply by viewing the imagery. Here you can see the map I developed for the work we did together (Figure 3.). If you are wondering who Khijra is, that is a Sufi word for Guiding Spirit.

I commonly have my students, patients or clients that do spiritual development work with me create a mandala on their inner journey. Here you can see Anna showing you her beautiful mandala. Looks great Anna! Joakim, Anna and Joakim’s parents all did a fantastic job on their journeys and I love sharing my skills with them.

Joakim, Anna, Penny and I are all PASSIONATE about our espresso! We love espresso making and bean collecting like wine lovers love wine drinking and collecting. Here you can see me making a lovely espresso on my little Italian La Pavoni manual espresso machine, and you can see Joakim seeking the perfect shot as well.


Joakim and his father are hunters and have plenty of their own land to hunt on. Last time I was there, Joakim and I went pig hunting. This time, while Anna was taking the Golf Biomechanic’s workshop with me in Halmstad, Sweden at the Eleiko Sports Center, Joakim went moose hunting and got one. I love it when Joakim hunts because as soon as Penny and I get there, he and Anna always feed us lots of amazing wild game meats!

After dinner, we had some lovely deserts and we left the hunter/chef in the kitchen to clean up. Actually, he was probably eating the rest of the bucket of ice cream and whatever else he could because he knew that Penny and I would be back to find the bottom of the pans and buckets. We don’t eat too much dessert, but when we do, we really do a good job!

After leaving Joakim and Anna’s, we went to Eleiko Sports Center to give workshops there. We stayed with Lennart and Gunnila Blomberg, the owners of Eleiko. They too are amazing people. Thanks for being so wonderful to us Gunnila and Lennart! We Love you! Below, you can see me giving a Program Design seminar in Eleiko’s brand new lecture theater.

I also taught Scientific Balance Training at Eleiko Sports Center. In this workshop, I teach a comprehensive approach to developing balance from the inside out. As part of the training, I demonstrate a number of balance development exercises, beginning from very easy, and ending with very challenging exercises, like the one I’m about to demonstrate here, which is a single arm cable pushing exercise performed atop a Paul Chek Dura-ball.

Pretty much every lecture or workshop I’ve given in Sweden has been attended by this amazing, lovely man, Inge Johansson, pictured below. Inge was coach of the Swedish Olympic Lifting team for some 20 years, as well as being the strength and conditioning coach for a number of other sports at the national level in Sweden. He has turned much of his work over to his son, Ola, who also regularly attends my trainings in Sweden and Denmark. I must tell you, Inge and Ola are absolutely some of the best strength and conditioning coaches IN THE WORLD, and they both attend my trainings over and over. I’m constantly amazed at their commitment to learning. These guys are examples for all to follow. I honor you both!

While teaching and training, I sometimes wear this shirt that was given to me by a great buddy of mine, Matt Nichols, Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. It usually gives people a good chuckle.

After class, I often train with my students. Here, you can see me doing a Swiss Ball pike. Anna Detner and I were practicing this tough exercise together after class one day. Great fun.

On my rest days, I typically stretch and get a massage. Behind me, you can see Anna Detner working out with kettle bells. Anna was a gymnast in her youth and believe me, she is still both very beautiful and very strong. She walks with the grace of a cat. Be careful Anna, your husband is a hunter! I’d hate to come to visit Joakim and find you in the freezer! You’d have to know Joakim – he’s one of the few people I know that is as wild as I’ve ever been.

Next stop was Copenhagen. My first seminar on the final leg of this six week seminar tour of the UK, Denmark and Sweden was my Personal~Professional~Spiritual Success Mastery one day workshop. As you can see in the photo below, we had a big turnout of 80! Thanks for all your hard work Alun, Maggie and crew! Alun is our Danish distributor and he works very hard to get people into our workshops and does a great job. The C.H.E.K Institute has a very respectable following in Denmark due to the excellent work Alun does promoting our programs. He’s motivated because he, his wife Maggie and daughter Anna all live the principles I teach. He knows they work and this makes him a great manager.

The final seminar I gave before heading home was Scientific Back Training in Copenhagen. It was well attended and the students showed a lot of appreciation for the teachings. Thank you!

I headed home from Copenhagen, via London, LA and finally landed in Carlsbad, CA some 30 hours later!long trip! Penny stayed another week in London to go to her 20-year high school reunion. I’m sure she surprised lots of people because she’s still very beautiful and I look forward to jumping in bed with her every night!! She’s my pride and joy. Thanks for being there for me always Babe!

My first task after a few days rest was to complete P~P~S Success Mastery Lesson 10 – The Great Polarities. You can see one of my homework assignments below. Typically, I do the homework assignments I ask my students to do because I can never get enough personal growth and development. Besides, it makes me feel good inside, which means I like me more outside too!

The most recent undertaking since I’ve been home is the filming of our new DVD set titled Scientific Shoulder Training. You can see me filming the studio portion of that program here.

My lovely co-host was Suzi Nevell. Suzi is not only a dear friend, she is a senior faculty member at the C.H.E.K Institute and is the best physiotherapist I’ve ever worked with, worldwide. I’m proud to have her on my team! Thanks Suzi!

Well, it’s late and I must pack now. Miami awaits. When I come home, Penny and I will spend a couple weeks resting and working on the house. We are on the road so much, we’ve never had a chance to finish furnishing and decorating the inside of our lovely home. Penny also wants to do some more work with our beautiful garden. I think I’ll stay home, relax and visit with some friends while enjoying some amazing art, espresso, exercise, food, and I’ll hang out with my plants and trees too. We really love each other. One of my favorite things to do is bring friends over and introduce them to my garden. I’ve been able to teach everyone so far how to talk with my plants and trees and they always get a real kick out of finding out how conscious the plants and trees really are.

I hope you are all enjoying your life as much as I enjoy my life with Penny and my work. And, just so you are aware, I’ve got another PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1 workshop coming up at the C.H.E.K Institute January 5-7, 2007. I’d love to have you! Please feel free to visit to learn more!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek