October 4, 2006

September 2006

Well, HELLO! This is my last night in Eastbourne, England before Penny and I head off to Copenhagen again. Day after tomorrow (Today’s September 28th) I’m giving a lecture on the importance of functional exercise in the development of junior golfers at the World Jr. Golf conference in Copenhagen.

When Penny and I first arrived here in Copenhagen, which was our first stop on this six week lecture/workshop tour, I had a one day workshop titled Equal But Not The Same, which was all about the differences between training males and females. You can see the class and I in the gym at the conference below.

Penny and I spend about 7 months of the year on the road traveling around the world teaching C.H.E.K Institute training programs, lecturing and doing workshops at conferences, and lately I’ve been doing my PPS Success Mastery workshops, which I really love to do more than anything else these days. Over my 23-year career, I’ve found that most people’s pain and unhappiness is rooted in not really knowing what they want in life, or how to create it. I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people get rid of pain and unhappiness by falling in love with life!finding and living their dreams! When we are on the road, Penny runs our businesses and manages the international distributors. Unlike when we are home, she has to set up desks made from strange and interesting things and she is often in some strange and interesting places too! You can see my Love working in the corner of the gym as I teach. She’s so amazing! I Love You Penny!

While we stayed in Copenhagen, we stayed at my favorite place, which is Charlottehaven, a lovely complex with fantastic apartments and a great little gym, pool and outdoor gardens. Here, you can see my good friend, Danish Physiotherapist Thomas Pilsborg learning to work my camera so I can share with you!

This is me in the gym working on my new exercise system. I’ve not lifted weights in over a month now. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?! I’ve lost 20 pounds of muscle, but I feel great! I lead a very busy life and while working on developing my new system of health and exercise development, I found myself feeling rushed to get my weight lifting in and do my R&D work. I meditated on it and my Soul said to me, “Paul, it’s simple, you’ve been lifting weights for 33 years now!how much more do you think you will learn? How much stronger do you need to be?” I just laughed and said, “OK, I got it!” I’m the kind of guy that’s willing to do anything to achieve my goals and help others with my work so if that meant no more weight lifting until I finish this project, if that meant losing lots of muscle and looking different than I have in years, COOL! Let’s do it! So, now I’m well into it and loving every minute of it too.

After we left Copenhagen, we came to Eastbourne, England to teach my Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Course, which I teach with my long time friend and colleague Dr. Cliff Oliver. Dr. Oliver is a fantastic, lovely man who I respect very much in many ways. Below you can see me giving a lecture titled Organic Food, Organic Farming and Our Future.

Often I begin my day with some form of Chi cultivation exercise. Here you can see a nice photo Dr. Oliver took of me while I was teaching the class how to use the Tai-Chi Ruler.

After NLC II was done, I had a week off, which was LOVELY! Here you can see me at the beach in Eastbourne, England. The weather was unusually good for England at this time of year so I was particularly excited to have some time off with the sun and warmth where usually, it is clouds and rain and clouds and rain.

I spent several days at the beach continuing the development of my new exercise and well-being system. Here you can see me working on different body postures and assessing the relationship between sound frequencies, postures, mental states and visceral reactions. I often get a chuckle because as I’m figuring these things out on my own, I can fully experience the means by which the ancients figured out Yoga and many other healing arts through trial and error. The greats of each system were also very spiritually developed, often possessing clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience, which certainly speeds the process!

Some days I would use the beautiful Yoga studio at the Natural Fitness Center in Easbourne where my friend and massage therapist Emma O’Leary works. “Hi Emma, I love you Baby! You’re Amazing!” this is the view of the coastline out the Yoga studio window!

While on my time off, I got to visit my buddy Matthew Wallden. Matthew is an instructor for the Institute and me. I love hanging out with Matthew because this dude has a hell of a great mind on him! We have some amazing discussions about everything! Matthew’s not afraid to go deep sea diving with me on any topic. Matthew was teaching my Exercise Coach program in Eastbourne so I went down and visited the students and Matthew and I did a group poetry reading and sound healing for them, which was fun. Thanks Class! Thanks Matt! Matthew is the guy to your far left by the way.

While visiting the students, a few of them asked if I’d stand on a ball with them. As you can see, I did it. I hadn’t stood on a ball in ages so I felt funny for a second or two but my Swiss ball legs returned quickly.

Well, I’ve got to have a snack and head to bed. Up in the morning for a little workout (If I can squeeze it in) and then I’ve got to pack to go to the airport and I’m off again! I’m off to teach at the World Jr. Golf conference and then Penny and I are going to visit my good friends Joakim and Anna Detner in Ronneby, Sweden before I begin teaching a series of lectures and workshops in Halmstad, Sweden at the Eleiko Sports Center.

I’m getting anxious to go home now after a month on the road, but only two more weeks to go and I can go home to my lovely library, office, my plants, my beautiful home and garden and the MUCH warmer San Diego weather! I’ll take photos along the way and share with you next month, if not sooner!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek