December 5, 2006

November 2006

Hello from beautiful, sunny Vista, Ca. It’s so nice to be home with my lovely garden, orange trees and lemon tree

Since coming home I’ve written and produced Lesson 11 – Communication Skills Development for the PPS Success Mastery Program, written some articles, done some great reading and worked out regularly. Fortunately, my assistant, Nicole Kirian has been giving me fantastic massages too!

One of my favorite things to do on my days off is read or stretch in my yard

Sometimes, I enjoy just being present with the plant and animal life at my home. One day, I had an incredible experience while sitting outside; I was looking at one of the orange trees that was about 25 feet from me and a sparrow landed on one of the branches. While the bird sat there, I watched the aura of the tree, over about three to five seconds time, envelop the bird and the aura of the bird and the tree began exchanging information. I could see this as an exchange of color hues moving back and forth between the tree and the bird. This experience triggered me to pay closer attention to the relationship between the tree and it’s visitors. Sure enough, I saw that the trees would extend themselves to bees, birds, insects; I learned that the relationship is not on of a bird or bee in a tree, but is actually tree as bird and/or tree as bee. Intuitively, I sensed that the spiritual force of the tree is a progenitor (per-say) of the avian species and other insects and that there is something akin to a mother-child relationship happening.

I have found that my time in nature, even if simply my garden (we have a little more than half an acre so there’s room to feel like you are not in a city at our home and the surrounding homes are all on lots of that size or larger) has both a meditative quality, and, allows me to connect with what I can only describe as human sub-culture. In so many ways, this sub-culture is more primitive, more truthful, less rushed, authentic, relaxing, invigorating – yet very peaceful.

My friend Trevor Wilson is a sound engineer, musician and artist. When I last visited he and my son, Paul Jr., we recorded some poetry that I wrote and Trevor sent me this one to listen to yesterday after he had put some background music to it.

Feel free to listen to it and tell me what you think if you are so inclined:

At the moment, we have a large Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course on here at the institute. Dr. Oliver is teaching today and it is my turn tomorrow. Yesterday afternoon and evening, I gave the students a pretty comprehensive lecture on how the chakra system works and how the potential of the Absolute (God or Soul if you like) manifests itself as relativity or relative experience. The students seemed to really enjoy learning about this. I can appreciate their genuine interest because in my life, I was never able to find anyone (that was alive!) who could explain many things that I found puzzling and/or paradoxical about God to me. Therefore, I spent a lot of my own time, energy and money to investigate myself. Now, thankfully, I’m able to share the fruits of my queries with my students in the P~P~S Success Mastery program, and to some degree the other C.H.E.K programs.

Next week I begin traveling again for a short while. I’m off to Minneapolis and Toronto to teach my one day “East Meets West” program, which shows how my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy is created from a mix of these philosophical positions, and how a better understanding of Eastern and Western philosophy, religion and metaphysics can serve very beneficial to our clients in a healthcare practice or as a trainer. When I return, we are having a long awaited meeting among all the CHEK instructors so we can further refine and improve all of our programs. I’m looking forward to that!

Well, I wish you all the joy I have in my life and more!

Much Chi,

Paul Chek