September 8, 2009

Kuba’s Crystal Healing

Hello Again!

I thought that I’d share a little more of our PPS Lesson 1, How To Find and Live Your Legacy live workshop experience with you (also available on line or DVD at if you feel inspired to create more clarity in your life). Below, you can see me working with Kuba, a beautiful young man who’s presence reminds of the Greek Adonis. Kuba’s energy field was scattered when he came to the workshop, which is quite common among people attending most any workshop and it makes it much harder to learn. The reason is that when your energy field is scattered, broken up, you reflect pieces of yourself back to yourself. When scattered while trying to learn, even if the instructor is whole unto themselves, your understanding of their teachings and how to use it will not reflect the teacher, buy yourself. I explain this to my wife sometimes because as you can imagine, after I lecture, the comments on critique sheets range wildly from, “I love this guy…bring him back!”, to “this guy is an arrogant ass and is full of himself…”

When I’ve shared the critiques with others, they often say, that’s because they can’t yet feel your intention in your message, they can only feel themselves and mistake it as you”. This is a reality. That said, some are right, “I am full of myself”, and thank God, for, I’ve seen all too many times when people fall prey to the ideas of others an emulate them or their teachings as gospel, without realizing that the pain they are experiencing comes from being inauthentic. OSHO says, If you love a poet, it’s a good idea to read them, but not see them in person because inevitably, you will find that they swear, fart, tell bad jokes and are terribly human! I’m all that…and though some may not find my jokes funny, I certainly enjoy them. That helps sweeten my day and makes teaching more fun for me. I don’t like leaving my personality at the door because that means I’ve got to wear masks for people and that always cramps my style.

PICT0083 2

Kuba informed me in class that he had seen an energy healer that used a procedure on him that had left him feeling discordant in himself and that he’d been unable to rebound to his normal sense of self since that time. I explained to Kuba that many so-called healers learn procedures from manuals and other teachers, yet often don’t learn to feel self or other. Therefore, they can’t differentiate when a given type of energy input is creating harmony or discordance. They just follow procedures as though working on a machine. Kuba’s field looked as though he was made of glass and someone had put a hand grenade inside it and it blew up. This by the way, causes quite severe monkey-mind in people. Because I could see that he needed a balancing so he could reestablish the pathway from the accumulative intellect to the practical intellect, I offered to balance him. I also thought it would be a good experience for others in the group to see and feel the very simple methods I use.

PICT0082 2

PICT0093 2

In the photos here, you can see me assessing his energy field as well as balancing it. In Kuba’s case, I used a combination of tapping, toning and a very powerful, super high quality crystal designed for emotional balancing that Rory Mullen lent me for the job. By using the crystal in accordance with my own energy, I can turn it into a vacuum, drawing discordant, chaotic energy out of his field into the crystal, or I can project healing light of any color or energy structure I choose into Kuba or any client. When I do healing work in group sessions like this, I offer everyone a chance to participate. I give them the right tones so they can help me energize or dissolve any given energy form in the body; the more people you have working together, the better! After this session, Kuba informed me that he felt much better. It was my dream that helping him could aid him in the workshop process. Thank you Kuba, for sharing your challenge with us and allowing it to become an offering for so many others!




Please enjoy the journey of life. Learning to love yourself can come through exercise, food, quiet time, hygiene, creative self expression, laughter, or anything that authentically helps you feel better. I even teach my HLC II students how to use tobacco, sugar, and alcohol effectively so their clients don’t go through transition shock. It’s important to remember that it takes energy to change your behavior and that if we give people so many challenging tasks to tackle on their road to healing that they can’t possibly muster the energy needed to change, we often only make things worse for them because they then begin a potentially painful process of self-judgment. This never helps the process! My dream is that my students don’t try to fix people, but guide them gently into self-healing so they can become Self-Aware. When we “fix people”, we create co-dependencies. Co-dependent relationships of any type, ultimately create bondage. Any idiot can create bondage, but it takes a being of authentic clarity to guide another to that place. I encourage all my students to do that for themselves each day before offering themselves to clients. That way, there’s no need to remember a pile of academic information…you simply share your journey, your story of health and vitality and let them follow to the degree that they are ready  to accept responsibility for their own well-being.



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Love and chi,

Paul Chek