November 9, 2009

How to Master Self! in Sydney!

I love my PPS Program and when I have the opportunity to actually meet my students in differing parts of the world I am gratified to see them waking up and making a difference no matter their profession or status in life. We had a fantastic course around the nature of reality and science of mind: PPS Lesson 2: How to Master Self!

My student’s were excellent! Brave enough to explore Paul Chek’s mind (LOL)! They all display genuine love for self and other, shared openly and honestly, and really grasped a good working understanding of Values Memes, memetic science, communication and the mental emotional technology that leads to mastery of self.

Below you can see the students sharing Buddha’s cage, their points of view and passions! Buddha”s cage is an exercise I developed through my studies of Buddha’s teachings to put into perspective the layers of the shadow self through the less empowering decisions preventing one from living authentically. This exercise is a powerful component to identifying those programmed beliefs about what we do that are limiting. Remember, always ask the key question: “What am I becoming now?”