April 29, 2011

How Life Works: BIOCHEMISTRY ~*~


I hope you’ve been enjoying our series thus far and that you’ve been doing the exercises so you don’t fall into the dangerous trap of the “I Know” mind!

Today, I’ll talk a little about a very complex topic, Biochemistry.

In the Circle on your diagram labeled “Biochemistry”, you see it also includes “Food” above and “Water” below.

We discussed food in our last blog on emotions. We talked about how food can alter your hormonal reality, which is your biochemistry. Today I’ll explain how adequate hydration is essential to living your dream.

The human body executes about 6 billion biochemical reactions per SECOND, all of which are water dependent!

That’s a hell of a lot of chemical interaction. That chemical interaction is what differentiates a dead person from a living person!

Having adequate hydration facilitates your biochemistry because the water volume in any compartment of your body greatly influences your pH levels (acidity and alkalinity).

Our bodies have very well controlled pH levels, which is necessary for the specific types of chemical reactions to occur relative to the functions of each specific gland, organ, tissue or fluid (blood, cerebral spinal fluid, lymph, urine, feces, etc.)

You can get a rough assessment of your hydration levels at any time by doing the “Pinch Test”.

If you pinch the skin on the top-side of you hand (not the palm side, but the top of your hand) between your thumb and index finger and then let it go, it should return to normal in less than one second. The slower it returns to normal, the more dehydrated you are likely to be.

If your nervous system becomes even 1% dehydrated, research shows that significant psychological disruption can result!

When we over-consume drinks with sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals, we aren’t getting “water”. Anything that has coloration or solute (such as tea) is processed by the body as a food and has the ability to make our body more toxic and our biochemistry more sluggish to the degree that our water needs are being displaced.

Practical Exercise

Keep a log and do the pinch test before each meal. If you notice poor performance, increase your water intake based on the suggestions in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!


In my e-book, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need, How To Get Healthy Now! I share that there are only 4 Doctors we need to take regular council with to live a healthy, vital life.

They are:

Dr. Quiet
Dr. Movement
Dr. Happiness
Dr. Diet.

These doctors also represent the four key groupings that our core values fall into.

If we don’t have core values that are in alignment with our Dream or Dreams (Dr. Happiness), we are very likely to end up with biochemistry that reflects our choices, but does NOT reflect our needs!

Most people with poor health and vitality and/or mental-emotional unrest have not found motive to manage themselves as needed to live a dream. Many haven’t taken time to find something they “love to do or be”.

Therefore, they are highly susceptible to social programming with regard to mental, emotional and physical self-management.

Practical Exercise

1. Take a sheet of paper and put a heading down with the name of each of your 4 doctors.

2. Then, write down what you want as a dream for each of the 4 doctors in your life. By doing so you’ll start to energize what you want to experience in your life more than what your problems are that seem to slow you down and keep you from being optimally loving and vital.

3. Next, under Dr. Movement, write down whether you are moving too much or too little on a day to day basis to be fit to live and express that dream?

Now, do the same for Dr. Diet. Ask yourself if you are truly giving yourself enough rest to recover from the physical, emotional and mental activity in your typical day?

4. Then, under Dr Happiness write down the new values you are willing to live so you can indeed begin increase your potential to experience your dream each day.

If you need help, I invite you to utilize the worksheets in my 4 Doctors e-book.

If you are currently suffering from any form of food or workout addiction, obesity or disease, a more comprehensive approach is available to you in my audio and workbook program titled The 1-2-3-4 For Overcoming Addiction, Obesity and Disease.

It is my wish that you enjoy the journey of your life with biochemical integrity!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek