February 19, 2020

Feeding The World With Eugene Trufkin

Feeding The World With Eugene TrufkinHappy Wednesday to you all! Every day is one step closer to warmer, longer days and the end of Winter…

Last month, I shared an important excerpt from my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast series with CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 Eugene Trufkin about the bogus food labeling that makes so many people very sick eating SAD CRAP.

My recent conversation with Eugene was so important, I felt moved to share a second excerpt for this week’s blog/vlog about the state of farming in America.

Many “experts” will argue till the cows come home (literally) that it’s just not possible to feed the world through organic farming, and that there’s a real need to grow foods made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as often as possible.

For example, lots of people point to the deforestation in the Amazon as a result of large cattle ranches when the real problems stem from factory farms growing products like GMO corn to produce ethanol, Eugene says.

The next time you go to the grocery store…

Another subject Eugene and I get into in this vlog is the commerce of selling foods at your neighborhood grocery store, and how large corporations dictate the terms by which farmers must produce foods that end up on your dinner table.

Feeding The World With Eugene Trufkin

The vertical integration model isn’t set up to do anything more than boost factory farming production that ends up destroying our precious top soil and our water supplies through monocropping and the spraying of toxic pesticides.

However, if the only way you can buy foods you can afford is at your local grocery store, Eugene shares a very simple way to recognize the organic foods made from non-GMO sources.

We touch on many more topics — price comparisons between processed and organic foods, GMOs in supplements and why you should avoid buying chicken and pork at your local grocery store — in the full episode.

If you enjoy our conversation and want to learn a lot more about how to shop for healthy foods, I urge you to take a look at Eugene’s excellent Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide.

His guide is short, but it’s packed with lots of information and includes access to a group of videos that will help you stay healthy!

Love and chi,