February 25, 2020

Eating The Carnivore Diet With Dr. Paul Saladino

Eating The Carnivore Diet With Dr. Paul SaladinoAh HO! and Happy Tuesday to all of you!

When I’ve shared short excerpts from my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcasts on my blog/vlog, it’s always been a week after the entire conversation has been released “into the wild” for all of you to consume.

Until today…

I feel this week’s conversation with Dr. Paul Saladino, author of the brand new book The Carnivore Code, is so important, my soul felt it was right to share this excerpt of our much longer episode RIGHT NOW! that debuts today.

Is a carnivore diet REALLY healthy?

For many of you, eating a diet almost entirely based on meat doesn’t sound healthy at all.

Early on, Paul describes how he came to the carnivore diet through nose-to-tail eating, a dietary approach that encompasses using as many parts of an animal as possible — including organs and bones — for food, a more environmental, economical and healthier approach to eating.

Paul calls nose-to-tail eating the ultimate human multivitamin.

“There’s a fascinating kind of synchronicity with regard to human nutrition. When people are thinking about animal-based or carnivore diets, they worry about acid-based balance, but acidity in the body is a balance between protein, minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

“If we’re eating bones, we can get lots of potassium. When a lot of people think of carnivore diets, they don’t include a source of calcium, but we need that for our body.

“Where are we getting our foliate? Mostly in the liver. Biotin… mostly in the liver. Riboflavin, a super important B vitamin… mostly in the liver. And, muscle meats are great for B6 and niacin. You know, many of the B12 are for selenium, iron and zinc.

“The vitamins and minerals in an animal are uniquely bioavailable in the right ratios. Why wouldn’t it be this way, right? We’re not going to get nutrient-deficient or nutrient-toxic because the right ratios are there. They all kind of balance themselves out. It’s really perfect, in my opinion, when we eat the whole thing.”

What’s the right amount of meat for YOU?

After talking for a bit in this excerpt about nutrients and vitamin C, choline and creatine, we explore how much protein from meat most people can eat safely.

HINT: It’s much more than you think because 70 percent of muscle meats are composed of water.

Eating The Carnivore Diet With Dr. Paul Saladino

The amount of protein your body needs also very much depends on your age, and is especially important for older folks whose muscles atrophy with age.

For seniors, the first muscles to atrophy are the gluteus maximus and abdominal wall, both key muscle groups that help them maintain their balance and avoid falls that can be fatal.

I’m so excited for you to listen to my entire Living 4D With Paul Chek conversation with Paul Saladino and can’t hear what you think about it!

Look for it wherever you listen to this podcast or download the episode here!

If you enjoy our conversation and want to learn more about Paul, check out Paul’s Carnivore MD website and look for his new book, The Carnivore Code, available through Amazon or wherever you buy books!

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