July 10, 2017

Experiencing Real Joy Part 3/3

Happy Monday!

What a great day to explore some practices that support the experience of real joy.

In this week’s vlog, I’ll show you some of the ways I practice experiencing real joy in the final part of this series.

Before we begin with what I have to share today, let’s loop back to part 1, where I shared a definition of joy so we are all in harmony with exactly what I mean when I use the word:

Joy is a state of mind and an orientation of the heart. It is a settled state of contentment, confidence and hope.

Reference: www.theopedia.com/joy

My video shares several of the ways I create real joy for myself on a daily basis. It isn’t my intention to imply that you have to do these same things to create joy in your own life. Instead, I aim to simply share some of the ways that I create real joy in my life each day. My dream is that you explore any of these methods that feel attractive to you, and fit your own ideologies, daily rhythms and spiritual practices.

I start with some simple practices I do to begin my day as I arrive at work. Then, I show you other practices that I do either in general or throughout my day as it unfolds.

Most of the methods in today’s vlog are described in my various books, audios, webinars, online training programs and in the C.H.E.K Institute’s Advanced Training Programs. A good place to start is with PPS Success Mastery Program Lesson 1: Determining Your Legacy, which you can take online wherever you live.

I hope you enjoy learning more about my practices for creating real joy and share them with others!


  • 0:10 – Introduction and your choices about where you spend your time
  • 1:45 – Beginning the day by giving thanks at your sacred place
  • 4:05 – Celebrating food
  • 5:55 – Being with nature and the planet
  • 9:25 – Creating joy through painting
  • 12:22 – Experiencing joy while exercising and looking after your body
  • 15:48 – Sharing love and connection with plants
  • 18:10 – Working with stones and walking, relaxing and breathing
  • 20:31 – Winding up the day and a book recommendation

Love and chi,

Paul Chek