February 4, 2020

Entering Your Inner Cave: A Meditation

Happy Tuesday!

Entering Your Inner Cave: A MeditationA couple of months ago, I shared The Divine Mirror, a short contemplative meditation, to help you when you have a deep question about which you need some clarity.

So many of you enjoyed this, I felt moved to share another one, using techniques that combine meditation and what Carl Jung calls active imagination.

Active imagination allows you to perceive the world outside of your own mental box by using and interacting with inner imagery to create experiences that can be very positive and powerful.

I’ve used this approach for a long time to help me accomplish many things, from developing new educational programs to finding answers to questions that I haven’t been able to locate while doing research.

Before you get started…

Before you watch my vlog, here’s some steps you can take to make your experience a better one…

First, there’s no right or wrong way to do this meditation. You can watch my vlog, embrace the flow of it and take notes, then find a nice, quiet environment and try it yourself.

Or, you can go with the flow and figure out a good, comfortable position, whether it’s sitting in a comfortable chair, laying on the floor or a sofa or even standing up. (I find this meditation works best while sitting or laying down.)

Entering Your Inner Cave: A Meditation

You may also want some help from aromatic sources like incense. Frankincense and sandalwood have been used for thousands of years to enhance meditative states.

Another very useful tool are essential oils, particularly the ones developed by Dr. Nick Berry, who sells his amazing creations at Essential Oil Wizardry.com. (Dr. Nick has been a featured guest twice on my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast too.)

Two of Dr. Nick’s essential oils I use for meditation and active imagination: Third Eye and Diviner’s Eye.

Get a notebook

It’s also a very good idea to keep a notebook close at hand, so you can take notes or draw any images you pick up from your soul.

You want to have a notebook handy while those memories are fresh because the meditative experience is very much like having a dream. If you don’t write those thoughts down first thing in the morning when you remember them, it’s very hard to recall them even if they were quite profound.

Entering Your Inner Cave: A Meditation

You’ll know those messages are coming from your soul when you learn to calm your mind. If your mind isn’t moving, you can rest very comfortably knowing that it’s your soul that’s speaking to you.

You can always tell when it’s your higher self or your soul speaking to you because using that information or guidance always enhances your life in ways that your ego could not do by itself.

Many times, I’ve been astonished at how much more I can learn by listening to my soul than the typical voice in my head that I equate with my own thinking process.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, I encourage you to practice these meditation techniques and get good at them.

I can assure you that you’ll find yourself much calmer and more clear-headed and more capable of solving challenges, plus you’ll deepen your trust in your inner guidance system, your higher self and your soul.

Love and chi,