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  • Cruising to Alaska and Playing Catchup with Pete McCall

    Happy beginning of the work week to all of you! Are you ready to be inspired? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been enjoying some much needed time away from the office and my clients to rest and recharge […]

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  • Exploring Contemplative Meditation

    This week’s vlog is a topic some of you have probably heard me discuss on recent podcasts. And if you haven’t, then I recommend you check out my recent one with Alison Pelot and Maja Gottlieb, two very skilled Holistic […]

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  • How to Find Time to Meditate

    There’s an old zen parable about a student sitting at the breakfast table at the monastery for a while with his master. He asks, “Master, what is the Buddha?” The Master looks at him and asks, “Have you eaten your […]

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  • Show-N-Tell With Paul

    I hope you are doing great, and that you had a chance to watch my recent vblog Experiencing Joy. Today, I’d like to celebrate the completion of our recent Golf Performance Specialist course in the UK, and share some personal […]

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  • Meditation TIPS for “I-WE-ALL”

    Happy Tuesday! I intended to release this vlog and blog on Monday, but its almost 50:00 long and is taking a loooonnnnngggg time to load up on…so it must be that Great Spirit wants to share tips on meditation […]

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    A Beautiful Tuesday to You! I had a lovely day yesterday and I hope you did too. My day began with a lovely tai-chi session. After writing my blog, I headed to the gym for a lovely deadlift session. After […]

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