October 28, 2021

How to Stay Balanced

How to Stay BalancedHappy Halloween Thursday everyone!

An all-work/24/7 approach to life can be exhausting and debilitating and prevent you from fulfilling your greater purpose in life.

So, what do you do to stay focused on the bigger picture, yet stay balanced?

This week’s blog/vlog (from my recent Q&A session with Penny on my Living 4D podcast) is all about how to cut out the noise in your life and remain grounded and balanced, yet be equipped to handle what life throws at you.

I do a lot of things…

For example, I start my day by connecting to all beings both living or not and giving thanks to them for all they have done to support, motivate and inspire me to live and love more fully.

I paint things that represent my year, then use them as symbols to connect me to the greater truths of life. For me, painting is a form of meditation.

When I’m really feeling stressed, I head to my rock garden to do some stacking and put my bare feet directly on the ground. I find working in nature very grounding and helpful.

How to Stay BalancedThe real point I make throughout my vlog is that it’s really important for people to develop a routine that grounds them in the things that are most important to them.

In other words, do things that are happy-making and keep you moving toward your dream. Following the 4 Doctors — Dr. Movement, Dr. Happiness, Dr. Diet and Dr. Quiet — will help you maintain that balance.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a 3 Doctors person…

Love and chi,