July 8, 2013

Dr. Quiet and Active Meditation

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had a relaxing time with family and friends during the past holiday and especially spent some time with Dr Quiet!

I have been extremely busy lately, but am finding some time to do tai-chi, art, and get into my Health Mate IR sauna (learn more here: https://www.paulcheksblog.com/my-ir-sauna-detox-tips-mike-salemi-training/ ).

Today, I share some methods of exercising, and performing active meditation as a means of healthy self-management and a little on my work with Natalya Mammadova. I also share one of my recent stone workouts.

Dr. Quiet and Active Meditation

Today in my video blog, I share tips for using exercise to induce controlled stress. While I’m teaching you about active meditation, I share four Swiss ball exercises that can be used individually, or in progression as part of an active meditation.

You can learn much more about how to use Swiss balls for effective conditioning by viewing any of my Swiss ball DVDs at www.chekinstitute.com.

We all have a tendency to get emotionally wound up from time to time, and certain people are better at facilitating this process than others in our relationships.

Additionally, many of us have learned this “wind-up” habit from our parents and others influential in our programming.

Troque wrench
A torque wrench is used by mechanics to determine the exact amount of “wind-up”, or pressure being applied to a given bolt. If we wind a bolt down to 100 foot pounds of torque, we can rest assured it will take at least 100 foot pounds of torque in the opposite direction to unwind the bolt.

The same is generally true of our emotional bodies. If we are angry to a given degree, it will take a relatively equal and opposite investment of energy to neutralize the tension we feel inside.

Some of us have learned to unwind ourselves by means such as prayer, sitting meditation, art, music, sex, and other methods, while others find it easier to unwind with physical exercise or exertion.

By using a skillful approach to our own stress management, we can use our negative stressors as positive motivation to master healthy self-management techniques, as I share in PPS Success Mastery Lesson 2. Self-Management.

I hope you enjoy the active meditation and Swiss ball exercise approaches I share in my vlog today!

Below, I’ll share another rock stack I recently built so you can see yet another way I alleviate stress, and you can too!

Training Natalya Mammadova

Nati and her trainer, Boris have come back to train with me here at the Heaven House. Both her sisters are now stable, and she asked me to pass her thanks to all of you who sent healing love and energy to her and her sisters during her/their crisis. “Thank You!” from Natalya.

Nati only has a couple weeks of training before she must begin her season. She was able to get some good training in with Tomi Toles while in NYC, and we are now progressing her into more volleyball specific exercises:

Nati Pogo Stick
Here you can see me using a Pogo Stick with Natalya to break old motor patterns and activate her stabilizer system. She had fun with this one!

I have Natalya performing contrast training at the moment.

Nati Deadlift


Nati Back Toss

She goes from a heavy deadlift immediately to medicine ball back tosses to train her to apply force at high speeds, similar to that of volleyball.

Shoulder stabilization
Here I’m working on Natalya’s shoulder stabilization, which is markedly improved!

Great job Nati! You are a champion!

Unwinding with the Stone Buddhas

Paul big stack 1
Here you can see me doing the kind of exercise I love most; playing barefooted and bare bodied outside in the dirt and sun!

I had a lot of energy in me and felt like a challenge, so I chose some very heavy stones to work with. Here you can see how I create stone steps to build tall stacks.

Paul stack crown
Putting the crown on a big stack like this is very exciting, but very dangerous. I’ve toppled MANY stacks while putting the crown on, but not today .

Paul Big Stack Final
Here you can see my workout complete. I was able to dismantle three stacks my students and I had built, recreate the stone circle, and build this stack (twice; if fell down once!) in one hour.

A fantastic workout that left me with lots of cuts and scrapes to remind me of what a great time I had every time I look in the mirror, or when Penny sees me!

Have a beautiful day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek