April 20, 2023

Choosing Good Seed Oils With Andreas Wecker

Choosing Good Seed Oils With Andreas WeckerDid you know consuming seed oils is good for your health?

If you had any doubts about that, you’ll want to watch my conversation with five-time Olympic medal winner Andreas Wecker who defied death twice thanks to seed oils.

However, not just any seed oil you’ll find at a health food store is good for you. In fact, the composition of the container (avoid plastic) and the color of the bottle (no clear, green or brown glass) really matters.

Andreas shares many more tips on how to choose the best seed oils for your health — in addition to going organic — this week on my blog/vlog.


This excerpt is a small section from our much longer Living 4D conversation in which Andreas talks about his career as an Olympian, which seed oils are good for healing anxiety and why it’s not good to overuse them. Check out our full conversation on our Living 4D website!

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