April 13, 2023

Growing and Leading With Mansal Denton

Growing and Leading With Mansal DentonThere’s a very serious problem with boys and role models in America.

So many boys have no one around to show them the way forward to manhood. And, for the ones who do have an older male in the household… many of those older “boys” are running away from adulthood and their responsibilities as quickly as possible.

This lack of leadership manifests in a young person’s life in a lot of ways and, if he/she does it wrong, these mistakes can lead to some serious consequences.

For Mansal Denton, my recent Living 4D guest, his bad decision was to steal museum documents for the “love” of a woman, leading to a short prison sentence.

That consequence of going to prison could’ve been the beginning of a deep downward spiral that led Mansal down a fast-track to even worse decisions or even death.

But it didn’t…

In fact, spending six months in prison became the reset Mansal needed to begin his own rite of passage from boy to man.

This week on my blog/vlog, I want to share Mansal’s very personal “origin story” in his own words from a skewed view of masculinity in which sexual relationships with women equated adulthood (sound familiar?) to real manhood by embracing a deeper spirituality with hunting at its core.


If you enjoy my brief chat with Mansal, and you’d like to learn more about sacred hunting, I strongly encourage you to check out our entire Living 4D conversation.

Love and chi,