November 6, 2009

Zen Swing Afternoon

Another great exercise that I teach that helps to create balanced rhythm and cultivate positive chi is the Zen Swing. I recently came up with this exercise and have been teaching this regularly to my students this year. The practice starts by a soft stance (as if you were getting ready to swing a golf club) with knees slightly bent. Simply swing the hips and arms it the same direction without bending over or collapsing into oneself; keep your eyes at horizon level so your head stays upright at the top of your spine. I encourage my students to close their eyes and go within while they make the movement back and forth. The arms are to be swung without lifting them at the top of the swing. You allow the swing to create momentum as it is pared with the breath.

If one does the zen swing daily, they will re-establish internal harmony, calm the endocrine system, aid digestion and elimination, and bring an overall sense of wellbeing and peace as a felt sense to life’s experience. Check out my students deep in their zen swing.