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  • Holistic Soccer Conditioning Before The Pitch

    I get asked a lot by people when sporting events like the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament happen, I get a lot of requests for good exercises to promote the basic of good conditioning. In my latest blog/vlog, I’ll share why I don’t do this!

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  • A Swiss Ball and a Kettlebell

    Happy Monday and welcome back to my blog/vlog. This week’s blog is a mix of exercises that you can use with a kettlebell (thanks Eleiko!) or medicine ball while sitting on a Swiss ball. Here are a couple of important […]

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  • Single Leg Lifting

    Happy Monday! I know some of you really enjoy more of the simpler, exercise stuff and less of the deep, lovey-dovey and gooey spiritual development stuff, so… This week’s vlog is here to nourish the exercise part of your soul, […]

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