December 1, 2022

Holistic Soccer Conditioning Before The Pitch

Holistic Soccer Conditioning Before The PitchHappy Friday!

I know a lot of you are excited and very interested about the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar, no matter where in the world you live.

I’ve received a number of requests about producing a video (or several) about the basics of a good soccer conditioning exercise program.

I’m not going to do that…

Very early on in my nearly 40-year career working with some of the greatest athletes in the world, I made a conscious decision in my professional life that sharing any kind of general workout program for a specific sport is very dangerous.

Why? Creating a generalized exercise video for soccer players would not take into consideration whether an individual is ready and able to perform the kinds of exercise I might prescribe.

With no knowledge that their bodies are ready and capable for the work I proposed, it would be foolish for me and dangerous for you to even attempt it. If you want that kind of workout, however, the Internet is full of them and they’re easy to find.

Even if I wanted to create a general soccer training program together, I’d be breaking every rule I teach in my Program Design courses.

Instead, in this very special blog/vlog, I want you think about all of the basic things you need — having a solid core, addressing your internal systems, eating a good diet — in order to promote a baseline of good health before you even think about soccer.

Holistic Soccer Conditioning Before The Pitch

Additionally, I’ll demonstrate why a typical lower abdominal coordination test gives you some very important information about what’s working — or not — in your body way before you hit the pitch. I’ve given countless professional athletes this test, and it’s very rare for me to see someone pass it.

And, it’s not because people aren’t strong enough. In most cases, the garbage people eat screws up their guts so much that the body shuts down muscles to protect the organs and glands at the expense of good health and performance.

You’ll also learn why having conscious competency before hitting the pitch matters if you want to play soccer skillfully and in ways that don’t hurt you.



Love and chi,