November 21, 2009

Peace in The Water

I recently did two  interviews with my good friend Chip Richards who will post one interview on, and will post the other one, focusing on my  TAO-TE-zen program for the students in his self-growth program called Moving Mountains: A 33 Day journey of Transformation for Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit and it’s running in Feb 2010. It is directed to the fitness/wellness community as an opportunity to raise their own state of being in the beginning of the new year, so that all of their work with others emanates from that higher space. It’s going to be a fantastic journey of audio, film, live teleseminar, etc.. over the month of Feb. I am really happy to contribute to Chip’s worthy project and I encourage you to check out his website and offerings: Chip is both a beautiful soul and a very authentic teacher. Anyone can benefit from his presence in their lives.


In June of 2006, the Peace in the Water project was launched during the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting, as a way of giving people around the world a focused opportunity to cultivate a higher vision and send out a different message for our oceans and it’s inhabitants – one of appreciation, connection, preservation and PEACE. As a thank you, Chip generously sent both Vidya and myself beautiful organic T-shirts with his own stunning designs! These are part of a series that Chip has been drawing over the past couple of years. They are screened on organic Australian cotton and so the are pretty sweet to wear. Here we are in our T’s, I’m wearing “Create” and Vidya is wearing “Peace.

Paul Vidya_t

Thank you Chip for bringing awareness of love to our planet, the whales and dolphins – we love wearing your creations! I look forward to connecting with you again soon!

Love and Chi,