November 20, 2009

100+ at HLC 1

I love Australia because the people here are very eager to apply and live my teachings. I started teaching HLC1 today to over 100 students! I feel so grateful to be able to share my love with ALL.

HLC1 Sydney Day 1

Here I’m teaching the basics of breathing squats with toning deep into the lower dan tien.

Toning into the squat

Breathing into Dan Tein

The function of my HLC 1 Program is to get my students vital, balanced and to teach them how to become open-minded. In my living philosophy, it is essential that anyone working as a teacher, guide, healer, coach, trainer, therapist or doctor of any type need, by necessity of the responsibility of leadership, make their own healing their primary project, even their hobby!


I teach my students the correlations between breath, movement, sound, color, light and use of mind. This allows them to feel and learn how to use their creative abilities to help themselves and others. I believe that THE DIVINE IS UNITY, therefore, there is only God here; to the degree that someone is “unaware” of the truth of themselves, they are likely to overlook the beauty of the gift of life and spend it doing what they “don’t want…and…what they think they have to do because that is the illness of society at large”. All my programs are about how to weave your dreams effectively. We will have a great time today. I love witnessing as my students let go of their programmed beliefs, and realize the joy of the gift of Grace that’s been with them all their lives, and now they know it! This is yet another fantastic group of people here. Australia is right there with Canada for being open-minded and truly willing to learn! If you want to live and love well my friends, “go down under!”

Love and chi,

Paul Chek