March 24, 2010

Paul’s Update & Vegetarian Diet

Well Hello Everyone!
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Well, I’m busy traveling and teaching again. I ‘m off to teach functional exercise at Muscle Up Symposium in Montreal tomorrow morning and then over to UK to teach PPS Lesson 1 and to present at FitPro. I’m looking forward to meeting my students and friends and of course meeting new people!

I’ve been busy writing, making slide shows, consulting clients, coaching PPS students and taking care of my inner-needs with morning and evening “sun” meditations, Vidya’s nourishing tasty food, and regular visits to the gym. I will offer a “Dynamic Metabolic Typing” webinar next month, April 22, so look for the announcement on the PPS website! or in our newsletter announcements.

During my travels many people have asked me (with concern) why I’ve lost so much weight! The answer is that I follow my own system of Dynamic Metabolic Typing. As the stressors in one’s life change, expand and contract, we too must adapt to the environment or old habits become today’s pains and problems. I spend time loving my food and inviting it into a new home before I eat at each meal. This helps me develop a spiritual relationship with all the loving beings that have been sacrificed for my half. I find that as my heart and mind have learned to see and feel the nature spirits over the many years of my spiritual practice, it has taken less and less food to meet my needs and that my body no longer desires animal foods. I have had no intention to drop meat or anything else, I’ve simply listened to my body and taken guidance from my soul. I have found the progressive changes in my awareness very helpful when working with clients in person and for distance healing because my third eye is amazingly much more clear.

Many have expressed concern that I’ve campaigned against vegetarianism for so long and now I’m living as one – is that a double standard?. Well yes and no! I have to remind people that in more lectures than I can count, I’ve quoted Rudolph Steiner and Paramahansa Yogananda, who both said, “no man should become a vegetarian until it happens naturally”. I may eat a big chunk of meat tomorrow(!) if that’s what my soul directs me to do. For me, this has nothing to do with following anyone else’s dietary imperative and everything to do with “inner-listening”. I have no dogma and my practice is one of deep listening. I am healthy, fit and strong, and my mind works beautifully, just as it always has when I eat in accordance with my body and soul requests. I encourage everyone to stop reading diet books and start “listening”, developing a relationship with your biology and your inner-voice. That is the only way to create lasting well-being.

Join me to learn more about how to “fine-tune” your own personal diet through my Dynamic Metabolic Typing webinar April 22, 6pm! I’ll be presenting in the hour and half my perspective on metabolic typing as a dynamic not static system, how to fine tune for yourself and then opening the lines for Q&A.

Enjoy your food!