May 31, 2006

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May 27, 2006

Warriors Of Like Kind!

Below, you see a picture of Danny Way, arguably the most famous skate board star that ever lived. I have been working with Danny on his conditioning, nutrition and lifestyle factors since he was 19. Danny is one of my clients who I have become my best friends with over the years, out of sheer respect for him among other things! This guy, like Laird Hamilton, Madonna, and a few others is teaching humanity how to express their true potential, how to go where the average fear to tread!

When Danny and I last worked out together, we drew this mandala. There is a poem that runs around the circumference of this spiritual being that is expressed here as the sun. I frequently make mandalas and write poetry as I train, both when I’m alone and with my clients. It is a very effective method to assist people in getting out of the left brain dominant behaviors and pathways that permeate society today and into the right brain state, which is much more creative and holistic. In addition, the right brain functions are linked to parasympathetic nervous system activity, which aids in recovery, growth and development, digestion and elimination, creativity and an improved sense of unity, to name a few!