March 31, 2006

March 2006 England

Here I am on March 30th in Marlo, England teaching a course called “The 4 Wisdoms” at Bisham Abby, England’s National Sports Training Center. I am teaching my students how to move Chi. Lisa Kald from Paul Chek Seminars UK took this interesting photo. Thanks Lisa!

Below, I am teaching my “Scientific Back Training” workshop. We had excellent attendance as we typically do in our UK courses. Thank You Alex Mac Kenzie, staff and all the C.H.E.K Practitioners that supported us to make the seminars run smoothly and assist all the students with their questions.

Penny and I really enjoyed the little village of Marlo. It is stunningly beautiful along the river Thames. Marlo could end up being one of the places I sneak off to in the summer to do some good writing!