July 2, 2006

June 2006 Brisbane

NLC II, 6-24/29-06


I’m home now after a ten day dip down under. After my arrival in Sydney, I was able to take a couple days off and exercise, eat good food and read good books. My first engagement was a series of lectures, which were promoted by AOK and HQH, our South Pacific Distributor. The day after completing my lectures in Sydney, Greg, Nancy (of HQH) and I flew to Brisbane en route to Clear Mountain Resort, where Dr. Oliver and I will teach our Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Level II course. I’ll pick up the story from there:

This is Clear Mountain Resort’s dining deck. It’s a beautiful way to start, or end, your day. That lovely lady smiling at you is one of my best buddies, Suzi Nevell. Suzi has been with me many years now and she shares her love and energy around the world as a C.H.E.K Instructor. I’m sure she’s teaching all the men at this table something very important about how to treat a lady.

Below, I’ve put a photo of the view out the back of our rooms at the resort. It’s really a beautiful part of the world there and the energy is nice too.

It’s pretty amazing that all you have to do is relax as you look at this picture, and you can feel your energy field begin to stabilize, to become more coherent. This is one of the gifts of shape, form, geometry and nurture from Mother Nature that anyone can enjoy!

My days would begin with either a Chi cultivation exercise or weight lifting; we set up a gym for this class, which is nice. This particular morning, I was up with the roosters getting a workout in before breakfast, which was at 6:45 AM!comes quick!

Each morning of NLC II, we start with a new Chi cultivation exercise or method. The first exercise I shared was the Breathing Squat. You can see that one below. This exercise is simple and powerful. It helps balance the energetic relationship between the heart and the brain above, and the gut below, which supports health and vitality.

On my second day of teaching, which is day 4 for the students, I teach a very powerful Chi cultivation exercise called the Tai Chi Ruler exercise. I learned it from Master Fong Ha (see www.fongha.com) a few years ago and have found it to be the most rich of my practices to combine with exercise.

After Breakfast, I get to practice my espresso making skills on their beautiful Italian espresso machine! I bring my own organic beans, freshly ground every morning and save the ladies at the resort the headache of trying to please my unique espresso tastes!

After breakfast, everyone is off to class with either Dr. Oliver or myself. Co-teaching the course is much easier on us because teaching a course as dense and intense as NLC II with rest intervals allows us both to be fully present.

Nancy Doherty, Greg’s wife and Suzi sat quietly in the back absorbing these key points relevant to their life; Suzi’s working on teaching NLC II as well.

During meals, and some nights after dinner, we would all discuss the life process. I allowed students to ask any question they felt was relevant to their life and needless to say, we had some rich philosophical discussion. There was on problem that came up though, and that was the problem of God. Knowing neither of us could solve it alone, Nick and I had to do the best thing!put our heads together on it!

Meanwhile, Dr. Oliver was teaching the women how to best care for a man, as you can see below!

Dr. Oliver is a fantastic musician and often in the courses, there are other musicians as well. I feel very gratified when the song birds and the musically gifted get together in my presence. I think the reason the girls are after Dr. Oliver so much is because they found out he was a great musician, so as you see, he is now considered a music elite. Below, you can see Dr. Oliver and Ben laying down a respectable rap session, for our enjoyment:

Part of my work is to teach people to let go of unnecessary fear and judgement, which is tremendously challenging for most people and even fearful. One of the unfortunate affects of our culture is that males can hardly express their love to other males for fear that it is a sign of weakness. I tell my male students that you aren’t really a man until you can open your heart with equal capacity to a male or a female. Below you see me showing Nick that a man can be appropriately affectionate to another man. I realize how hard this is for men in general, yet I’ve also seen over and over that if men can find other men they truly respect, they will allow their true personality to rise to the surface and it is by nature beautiful.

Thanks for sharing Nick! You are beautiful My Friend!

While there, I not only got to visit Suzi, but also one of my favorite people in the world, Theresa Dobson! (see below). Theresa is a woman that truly walks her talk and truly one of the most gifted Chiropractors I’ve ever met in my life! She’s also gifted in sharing her love and nurture with balding men like me!

At the end, we took the group photo below. It was very rewarding for me to watch people embrace their own growth and development, from which many rewards came over the five days of the program.

The day after the course, I flew home. This was one of those once in a while trips that tests your patience!schedule conflicts, missed flights, wait listed, !Grace of God one last seat in the plane and I was called! No baggage going through customs !humm, not a good sign !but I’ve got to keep moving? …well, how cool do you think it was when I was boarding my last flight from L.A. to Carlsbad and looked out the window to see my luggage still on the cart to be loaded! My trip home was a real lesson for me. I got to see how hard it is to repress frustration and anger that can arise over issues that on the grand scheme of things, are infantile. It was like the Universe was saying – every time I’d lose my focus – “have trust Paul, let go, have more trust!” So. “Thank You Mother Universe!”

Well, Bye for now. Penny and I are going to spend some time alone and the family now. I’ll be enjoying my studies, doing kettle bell workouts and writing my next PPS Success Mastery lesson (see https://www.ppssuccess.com ).

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek