June 20, 2006

June 2006 Home


Well, I’m off to Sydney, Australia in two hours and will be very busy teaching my courses on health and well-being development. Then, I’ll migrate from Sydney to Brisbane to teach Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Level II with Dr. Cliff Oliver. The resort in Brisbane is beautiful, the food is great and I’ll have some time there to catch up on some work for my PPS Success Mastery Program. You can learn more about my program at https://www.ppssuccess.com if you haven’t looked into it yet. You may really enjoy the new site as well!

I’ve just finished the first draft of my new book, “How To Be Real! – If you don’t like who you are!You can be who you want to be!” which is what the pictures below show me writing in our new home. We’ve only had it since Christmas and so far, Penny has done a lot of remodeling but we haven’t gotten any other furniture besides a dining table! We both want to take our time and collect items that we really love instead of just filling it with stuff! so, our guests get to live simply when they are here! It’s like camping in a lovely house surrounded by beautiful orange trees and a lovely garden too!

When I write new books, articles, or lessons, I often go into communion with my own mastermind group. Several of the members of my mastermind can be seen here on my alter, which I keep in my office.

How many of the masters here can you identify?

In the picture below, notice the book on my reading stand, which is Huxley And God by Aldous Huxley. If you want to read a beautiful and truthful book about God, I highly suggest this one! Huxley was a great visionary, highly respected scholar, and an author of the highest quality and regard. If you look carefully, you will see a little dropper bottle in front of my notebook too. That is the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy. I always use Rescue Remedy before I begin a writing project, before I begin a shamanic journey, and before I do any vibrational healing work with clients. Rescue remedy immediately begins healing your energy field and helps purge you of unhealthy emotions. I use it when writing so that I can be as true to Spirit, Truth, Good and Beauty as possible while in the human domain or the domain of physical existence; in a physical body.

The little blue box in front of my notebook is my Concise Oxford English Dictionary in an electronic format. I love this dictionary because it also has many Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek and other words found in metaphysical literature. By the way, a dictionary like this is a must if you read any of Aldous Huxley’s work. His level of scholarship is such that while he may think he’s communicating to the masses, he often speaks in such a way that only those that have memorized the entire dictionary by age six can understand what he has written! When reading, it is very important to NEVER pass a word you don’t understand. L. Ron Hubbard showed in his (also excellent book) Dianetics, if you pass a word you don’t understand, your mind stops and you can’t conceptually move past that point.

I’ve found that this is true, and to be the reason that so many of my own students read entire books, yet when I discuss those books with them, it’s almost as though we hadn’t read the same book! By the way, my next PPS Success Mastery lesson (Lesson 7) is titled How To Learn. I’m excited to write this lesson because it is one of my favorite topics.

Well, bye for now. I’m off to finish packing and to head to the airport!yet again!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek