May 28, 2010

Join me for June Seminars here at the CHEK Institute

Hi Everyone,

I’m excited to share 2 LIVE seminars with me in June: 26 & 27 here at the CHEK Institute.

I’m inviting you to spend a day with me in the Gym on Saturday, June 26 What You Don’t Know about Weight Training Can Hurt You where I’ll dispel common gym myths concerning lifting techniques and show correct form, based upon functional anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology. Participants will understand how and why exercises are to be performed correctly, and the common injuries that can result from incorrect technique.

And on Sunday, June 27 I’ll be teaching Sports Performance Begins and Ends in Your Mouth: Eating the CHEK Way! You’ll Learn to optimize food ratios for athlete performance meal to meal!

In my video here you’ll learn more about what I plan on teaching and sharing over the weekend:

I’m looking forward to meeting you then!

Paul Chek