July 7, 2014

Dr. Happiness & You! Pt. 3/3 Physical Happiness

Happy Monday!

I hope that you had a fantastic Holiday and enjoyed yourself with family and friends.

Today I conclude my mini series on Dr. Happiness and You – Physical Happiness.

I also share a wonderful testimonial from a student that attended Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 with Ashley Mazurek recently and more from the Art Spirit!

Dr. Happiness & You! Physical Happiness

Can you perceive of yourself in a state of “happiness” while at once experiencing chronic physical illness, disease, or chronic structural disability?

If you think you can, try frowning; while holding the frown, see if you can create an authentic feeling of joy within yourself.

If you can, pay attention to what you have to do inside yourself to tell the world you are unhappy and tell yourself that you are happy – then ask yourself, “how long could I maintain two opposing faces before I became exhausted of (this kind of) happiness?”

Without even having to think about it, most people know happiness is very hard to maintain in a state of physical unhappiness because they know that their sense of “self” is deeply rooted in their body.

Most of us consciously or unconsciously know that when their “body hurts”, their “mind hurts” and vice versa.

The happy mind can go a long way to enhancing bodily functions, but it can never compensate for ignorance or a lack of willingness to engage in a healthy functional relationship with it’s body.

In fact, your body is your minds “action field” and as we know, the state of the field has a direct influence on “the game”.

Dr. H and You Pt 3 blk bd
Our physical body is our “dream-body”. Our body is where we feel, think, and perceive while we are alive.

Some will say they can “think outside or without their body”, but we can only interact with such people because they have a body.

Thinking outside the body is a process that originates within the body just as a light cast outside a flashlight originates within the flashlight; you can place your perception on the light without realizing that it comes from within, where your soul and body are united in life.

As you can see in my black board diagram (above), I have identified what I feel are five essential factors for creating physical happiness to support your spiritual, mental and emotional happiness for the long run. They are:

1. DREAM (self-esteem & thoughts?): Your “dream” is your “reason for being and becoming;” without a dream bigger than your crisis, you are likely to live in “crisis mode”.

People that live that way often become so conditioned to living in a crisis state that they actually become uncomfortable when things go well, when they feel “happiness” emerging. That’s a place of low self-esteem.

Self-esteem could easily be stated as the equal to “self-love”. When we love ourselves, it is natural to be creative and explore what we can create in and of ourselves. We want to grow, to experience, and to become more of what we inherently are…the Universe.

Once we have a dream worth growing for, we have adequate motive to exercise the remaining four principles of physical happiness.

To help you to get clear about your own dreams of possibility for your life and identify your 10 components of your Legacy, see my PPS Lesson 1 First Step Program.

2. BREATHING: Breathing is the most essential physical function for our survival. It is more essential than water, food, shelter, and we can’t experience love in life if we stop breathing.

We each take an average of 25,900 breaths daily. Each breath provides energy and oxygen to run our metabolism and other physical systems. Each breath also carries subtle energy called “prana”, a form of chi that has essential functions in our body mind.

When we are overly exposed to stressful people, situations, faulty exercise training, or our mental-emotional state is poorly self-managed, our breathing mirrors our psychic perceptions of self.

In such states, we usually feel we must defend ourselves. This results in breathing patterns that express fear in our body-mind.

Such faulty breathing patterns come in two general categories:

1. Hyperventilation: People that respond to stress/fear by breathing faster and shallower.

2. Hypoventilation: People that respond to stress/fear by breathing slower and shallower, and often stop breathing for short periods of time without realizing they are doing it.

Either of these reactions will cause a wide variety of physical, emotional and mental challenges if the fear breathing pattern becomes chronic. The result is a string of experiences that make happiness seem out of reach to many in such states.

I teach you how to breath correctly, and how to restore a normal/optimal breathing pattern in my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

We captured CHEK Institute Faculty and Physical Therapist Dan Hellman’s excellent presentation at IDEA a few years ago and offer his presentation to you via CHEK Institute DVD, titled “Heavy Breathing”.

Anyone who is an athletic person will be well served to study this DVD. To this day, I can count the world-class athletes on less than one hand who were breathing properly during exercise!

Because the breathing mechanism in our body requires the functional use and integration of the whole body, any insult to breathing is an immediate insult to athletic performance, not to mention the string of ailments that emerge in such people.

3. REST: Here I describe the three types of rest we must all learn to master to maintain physical happiness for the long run:

– Total rest is sleep.

– Active rest means to use your chosen work or sport activity as a rest activity, requiring a significant reduction in exercise intensity.

– Passive rest is offered when we use an active rest activity that is significantly different than our chosen primary work or sporting activity.

I teach you how use these three essential forms of rest effectively in my multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!

4. MOVEMENT: In the CHEK Institute system of practicing and teaching holistic health, I break movement into two essential categories:

Working-In: Using movement to cultivate more energy than is required to perform the work-in activity, leaving you with a surplus. Working in can both balance, and increase anabolic (androgenic) hormone levels and decreases stress hormone levels!

Working-Out: Using movement that requires your heart rate and respiratory rate to accelerate above base rates, triggering elevated sympathetic nervous system activity and the release of stress hormones.

In my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! I teach “zone exercises” to specifically address each individual’s specific “work-in” needs.

My multimedia ebook, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! has video demonstrations of work-in exercises and even shows you how to incorporate sound healing with your work-in movements.

When we know how to balance working-in with working-out and do it, we have really done a lot to establish a healthy foundation for physical happiness!

5. DIET/ENVIRONMENT: Here in my vlog, I highlight the seldom appreciate fact that what we call “food” is something that comes from outside us.

If what comes from outside us is unhealthy to begin with, we are unwise to expect ourselves to create physical happiness within ourselves.

I highlight the importance of and techniques for “individualized eating” in my recorded audio from a webinar I did titled, “Primal Pattern Eating”.

Naturally, if we eat toxic, unhealthy animals raised on commercial farms and fish farms, we are unwise to expect to have physical, emotional, or mental health.

Additionally, it is unwise to think that “good vitamins” are an adequate compensation for “bad food”!

Vitamins only enhance your ability to digest, metabolize, assimilate and eliminate food. Therefore, good vitamins coupled with bad food ultimately results in your body and biochemistry being composed of poor quality resources.

I’ve seen more athletes and people in general than I can count spending loads of money every month on supplements, while being laden with all sorts of body mind problems as a result.

Good food provides “good vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phytonutrients”. Bad food does not.

Vitamins are not the building blocks our bodies are made of, just as the binding agent in cement isn’t a quality that can be viewed separately from the quality of the base product the cement is made of; analogously speaking, a house built from cement blocks made of poor quality stone mixes (food) will collapse regardless of how strong the binding agents (vitamins) are.

I cover this and related issues in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

Skilled Instructor Makes for Happy Students!!

It is always a great joy when I receive letters from CHEK Institute students sharing the joy of their learning experience from any course taught.

Congratulations to the new HLC1 Coaches!


I get many letters from the clients of CHEK Practitioners, HLC Practitioners, and Golf Biomechanics from around the world sharing the joy of their rapid healing experiences as they apply my teachings to their personal and professional lives.

The instructors and I all work very hard to be authentic with our teachings. We have all traveled, and still do travel great distances to teach.

We often have to be away from our loved ones and endure the challenges of trying to maintain our clinical practices and business while on the road teaching.

Being an instructor for the CHEK Institute is certainly privileged but not easy. I have very strict education and performance requirements that must be met, and the training is long and extensive.

I also place strict demands on instructors to be authentic with their teachings (no talking heads!).

When you put that much love, time and effort into being the best person you can be, so you can be the best living example you can possibly be for others, it is always a great joy to know it is all worth it – that you are helping people learn to live and love more fully in their lives.

It is always beautiful to know that another loving person is now out in the world supporting organic food and farming, and making wiser choices with the spending for the support of the whole world.

Today, I got one of those very beautiful, special letters that makes it worth all the work my staff, instructors, my wife and I do to make CHEK Institute education available to you.

I hope you enjoy Darien Child’s written words as she shared them with me recently.

Dear Paul,

I was fortunate enough to attend your Holistic Lifestyle Coach Certification a few days ago in Denver.  I have been flying high and marinating in the experience ever since! I feel really fortunate that I already have an audience with people that want to transform not only their bodies, but their lives as well. I feel that because of everything I was able to learn, experience and study during your course – I can give them the utmost value!

I wanted to thank you for your obvious passion that pours into your work. I can only imagine the time, the energy and the love that it takes to create something as beautiful as the HLC1 course. The attribute of the course that resonated so deeply with me was something that you don’t usually find in Health Certifications… the focus on spirituality and becoming balanced and whole. 

I feel with every ounce of my being that true transformation begins within.  I have favorite authors that I seek guidance from (Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Eckart Tolle, etc) and your course felt like all of them combined + Exercise and Sports Science. I was dumbfounded! I found myself in awe numerous times throughout the 3 days that this was actually a certification!

I felt that I was in a very enlightened seminar!  Part of that was due to the incredible wisdom that pours out of your course and your text… the other part came from the Angel that you were enlightened enough to hire… Ashley Mazurek. She is so talented and I will forever be grateful that our paths have crossed. Wow! She is a gift…

I cannot say enough about her. I had one of the most incredibly raw, emotional, painful weeks of my life leading up to the certification and I was open and curious as to why. I was given the opportunity to face and confront EVERY deeply painful experience during my lifetime within 7 short days (things I thought I had already faced and dealt with… but they obviously were still within me). I couldn’t figure out why those 7 days were so intense but I knew I would find out the reason. That reason came from a guided meditation that Ashley took us through on the final day of the course. It changed my life. SHE changed my life. YOU changed my life. I am changing my life and I know that that will transpire into me being an instrument to change others lives for the better. 

I was able to truly confront pain that I held deep within myself (my root chakra, apparently). The course work and guided meditation was the crescendo that allowed me to enter into a different realm of growth. With the events leading up to that weekend, leaving me completely emotionally raw, with the addition of your enlightened course work and then the energy, capacity and divine wisdom of Ashley following her soul… I had a life changing event! I want to thank you from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

I came home and told my best friend (a beautiful, divine, incredible soul) about my experience during the guided meditation and during your certification. We sat in awe of how deep I was able to go during a simple guided meditation. It truly was incredible! Come to find out, you had lunch with her years ago during an IDEA convention… What a small, incredible world!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day and I hope that you feel the change and inspiration you are providing to the world.  I hope someday that I am able to meet you in person. Thank you for being you and spreading your love and light.

Truly blessed,
Darien Child

THANK YOU Ashley Mazurek for yet another outstanding performance!

I am grateful for all the hard work you and all the CHEK Institute Faculty do so that our students can have the kind of experience Darien has had.

The Art Spirit Returns!

When nature speaks, do you listen?

Angie Lustrick, Chek HLC 1 and 2 Instructor does.

This weekend, Angie, my buddy Rory and I were sitting outside on my patio discussing a variety of things when all the sudden, a frog jumped onto Angie’s left shoulder. It was a beautiful tree frog.

We hear the frogs, but rarely ever see them, so the visit was quite a nice surprise for us; Penny was quite surprised too because she doesn’t see them very often.

I got to pet the little frog before it jumped away and as soon as we touched, I got a nice energetic buzz; lifting and clearing.

Angie was inspired to create a piece of art to express her feelings after being touched by the Frog Spirit and this is what she created.

Penny, Rory and I love what she created. Because Penny really likes frogs, Angie decided to paint a special Frog Spirit painting for Penny.

She did and it was amazing too!

Angie Frog Spirit Acrylic

I’m hoping to share Penny’s gift of the Frog Spirit by Angie on Wednesday’s blog with a little write up from Angie about her frog art experiences.

I hope you enjoy meeting Angie’s little Frog Spirit. May the blessings of Frog Medicine be yours if you need some spiritual clarity in your life right now.

If you feel you’d like a special Frog Spirit painted to help you heal, you can always contact Angie Lustirck.
OSHO by DC Heaven

CHEK Faculty (and one of my best Buddies) Donal Carr drew this picture of OSHO in worship with his students and the world. His message of course is…”Wake Up!”

I’ve had this beautiful Donal Carr art carefully kept in a folder to protect it until I could find the right place to hang it. Recently, I looked at the wall as I walked into my Heaven House to start my work day and “I saw Donal’s painting of OSHO there”, where you see it now.

I asked Vidya to get it framed and once that was done, she carefully mounted it in the entry way to the house. Now everyone is greeted by OSHO and invited to “Wake Up!” in Heaven 🙂

Awesome piece of art, as always!! Thanks Donal!

If you would like to speak to Donal or Cathy Carr about their spiritual art, or about their offerings at www.placeofchi.com feel free to do so by clicking the link to their web site.

New Stacks in Heaven
Over the weekend, I needed a break from the gym and was craving some time in nature. Thought is was hot, hot, hot outside, I put on my rock lifting clothes and headed out to see if I could restore a broken down stack or two, and create some new ones.

This is what I was able to create in about an hour or so.

I had a great time, and have many (not so) lovely bug bites to remind me of the experience. There is a lot of micro-life on, and in the stones around here and it is common for me to have a variety of little creature bites all over me by the time I finish creating something.

That said, I’ve found that there is nothing that clears them out faster than a little dab of “Thieves” essential oil by Young Living Essential Oils.

This stuff works magic; I explain how to use it to kill fungus and parasites in my DVD program titled “Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials“, which is available to you now at www.chekinstitute.com

I have had a lovely 4th of July weekend and hope you have too.

I tried to get a photo yesterday when Penny flew over us and did a loop around so we knew it was her. So cool to look way up in the sky to see an airplane flying by and know that “your wife is the pilot”. Very cool.

My wife’s brain is so amazingly powerful…I’m sure grateful she married me!

Living with Penny is like living with McGiver, or a secret agent that can get anywhere and fix or do ANYTHING. Thanks for being so beautiful, talented and amazing Penny!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my blog today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek