December 8, 2022

Do Imagination Exercises With Rachel Epstein

Rachel EpsteinHappy Friday!

What makes YOU happy? Not your partner, your kids, your parents or your boss… YOU!

Do you have a hard time with identifying the happy-making in your life? Maybe, these questions I’m asking rhetorically are creating concerns that you’re missing out on something very important, and the worry you’re feeling about it could be distracting you too.

As humans, we create a lot of roadblocks in our way that prevent us from becoming the happy, fulfilled people we were truly meant to be.

Recently, I shared an interesting excerpt from my recent Living 4D conversation with Rachel Epstein about the power of your brain and how it can help you do so many things, including talking your body into a healing mode.

During our conversation, Rachel also shared a sample of seven imagination exercises geared toward my 4 Doctors principles to bring better clarity and focus in your life.

This week, Rachael shares the first two exercises — Swallowing the Rainbow and Be Your Own Hero — with the focus squarely on Dr. Happiness and how to begin to transform how you look at the world, of a glass way more than half-full.


If these imagination exercises help you like they did me, I hope you’ll check out my entire Living 4D conversation with Rachel Epstein where we do more 4 Doctors-themed exercises.

Love and chi,