September 22, 2022

Mental Imagery With Rachel Epstein

Happy Friday!

When you’re thinking of things inside your brain, what do you actually see?

Many people have been trained by our modern civilization to see the world of the mind — just like the outside one — in words. This process is governed by the left side of their brains that evaluate thoughts in very linear, cause-and-effect ways.

There’s certainly good reasons to use your brain’s left side if you’re focused on completing tasks like teaching your son how to drive a car, making a cake or catching a ball.

Unfortunately, so many people are stuck in that logic-driven, linear world that they can get caught up feeling disconnected and isolated from their inner selves. It can get so bad for some people that they need a TV blaring in their bedrooms just to get to sleep at night.

Conversely, the ability to see images resides in the right side of the brain that views the world in healthier, more holistic ways, according to my recent Living 4D guest Rachel Epstein.

Mental Imagery With Rachel Epstein

Your ability to see pictures rather than words allows your brain to tap into all sorts of resources, including an ability to talk your body into a healing mode.


If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself and the world lately, I hope you’ll watch my conversation with Rachel Epstein and begin to embrace the healing that comes from your brain’s ability to see the world through pictures…

Love and chi,