March 16, 2020

Your COVID-19/Coronavirus Prevention Plan

Your COVID-19/Coronavirus Prevention PlanAh HO! to all of you today.

I want to say Happy Monday! but a lot of people all around the world — even you too — may be really worried about the COVID-19/Coronoavirus pandemic and how to protect you and yours from it.

The title of this week’s blog/vlog is a misnomer, because there really is no COVID-19/coronavirus “prevention plan.” Fact is, the key concepts I’ll share with you here happen to be an all-virus, all-bacteria, all-disease and all-illness prevention/protection plan.

Applying any one of them will enhance your overall level of immunity and internal integrity, health and vitality that will help you no matter what’s in the environment.

Before we get started, buckle up. This is one of the longest vlogs I’ve done, so grab your notebook and let’s get to work!

The balance of forces

You’ve probably heard me talk the delicate balance of the feminine yin (the multiplication of power) and the masculine yang (the division of power).

Whenever you’re doing things like eating good food, sleeping and resting between workouts, you’re in a yin or regenerative mode. Yin correlates to the parasympathetic nervous system, which encompasses our body’s ability to digest, metabolize, assimilate, eliminate, grow and repair part of the nervous system.

On the other side, the yang system links to the sympathetic or fight-or-flight, energy-spending nervous system. When you’re working out, you’re heating up, using metabolic fire and expending energy.

What throws people out of balance, however, is when their yang fire gets excessive. When you have an illness like the flu or anything that attacks you, your body gets very hot because turning the heat up in the body aids the immune system.

Your COVID-19/Coronavirus Prevention Plan

Based on what I remember from my studies of physiology and immune function, for every degree that body temperature rises above 98.6 degrees, it doubles the speed of the immune antibodies to try to fight off whatever the problem is.

They reach peak speed between 103-105 degrees, so once you get above that number, that’s when doctors and nurses start getting concerned because it’s a signal you’re losing the battle.

Remember what happens in nature when you see fires erupting all over the place? It’s a reaction of our planet’s environment in an attempt to balance itself. Even though the fires look harsh and brutal, when you have extreme yang, it will turn itself into yin. On the other hand, when you’re rested, you have the seed of potential energy to live your life, dance, work and play.

If you are excessively yang and don’t restore the yin energy, you’ll keep burning the yin up until you’re dried out which leads to a very high risk of health problems, like adrenal and chronic fatigue.

Then, you may go hypothyroid as a counterbalancing mechanism, which can make your body cold and your mind lethargic and mentally dull. Your mind doesn’t want to perform because the body’s in an extreme need to conserve energy, like going into a winter state.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Osterholm talked a lot about these balancing forces in nature on a very recent Joe Rogan podcast and I agree with him.

Edward O. Wilson also described this process in his book, The Future of Life. Man’s use of harmful chemicals and his destruction of nature forces Mother Nature into a balancing action.

Unfortunately, what man has done through the actions of huge industries is throw the entire planet entirely out of balance. We’re actually triggering a lot of these unusual responses because we’re living so out of tune with the planet.

Who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19/coronavirus?

From my way of looking at things, this COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak isn’t some shocking new thing. It’s just one more thing we need to pay close attention to.

If you want to have high levels of immunity against anything, you have to bring your body into balance and live according to the principles of nature.

The entire CHEK Institute educational system is based on balance. This means having the resources and a solid foundation, so you have the energy to achieve your dreams, whether they be for athletic or work goals or taking care of a sick child over days, then be able to bring yourself back into balance.

Your COVID-19/Coronavirus Prevention Plan

Look who’s being hit hardest by COVID-19/coronavirus? It’s people over age 40 and those who already have any number of illnesses and health problems like obesity. Plus, the more drugs you’re taking, the more health challenges you have and the weaker your immune system is.

Does this sound like you? Are you going the allopathic route and not feeling any better?

Back to the healthy fundamentals

I think this is a good stopping point for you to watch the rest of my vlog where I cover these facets of keeping your immune system strong, straight out of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Sleep
  • Breathing
  • Thinking
  • Movement

If you don’t have immediate access to How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, I strongly encourage you to watch my six-part Fastest Way to Health series starting with part 1.

Protect your immune system and take the steps I outline here and in my Fastest Way to Health series and you’ll get through this health crisis and all the others to come…

Love and chi,