June 17, 2021

Workout Concepts to Improvise and Adapt

Happy Thursday!

Many of you are so busy during your work day, you can’t wait to get to the gym for a good workout. It’s an investment that pays dividends in your physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, some of you tend to turn off your brains when you get to the gym and plug away at the same exercise routine every time, no matter what happened before you got there.

Maybe, you overdid your last workout and you’re feeling sore, or your baby kept you up late last night, so you didn’t get as much rest as you normally do.

In this week’s blog/vlog, I want to share some workout concepts you can use to improvise and adapt to help you get clear about what your body needs.

Workout Concepts to Improvise and Adapt

The real thrust of this video is to remind you how important it is to listen to your body. Instead of doing a heavy-duty workout, it may be better for you and your body to do some joint mobilization or work on your flexibility. Or, you should take the day off altogether.

Paying attention to my body has helped me keep up after living a life full of intense, competitive athletic competition — boxing, motocross racing, kickboxing, rodeo — not to mention parachuting out of planes, and I’ve got the broken bones to prove it too!

But, if I listen to what my body needs, I can go out to my rock garden and lift ridiculously heavy stones surrounded by people who have more muscle mass than I do but can’t keep up or even figure out how I do it.

One more tip before you watch my video: Remember my 3 percent rule! If you don’t believe you can improve on your performance by at least 3 percent before any workout, you don’t belong in the gym.

Being aggressive in the gym is a bad idea, and it leads to a lot of pain, dysfunction and injury. You may get away with it for a little while, until you pay the price for such foolishness, and you will…

A little bit of daily maintenance, understanding and common sense goes a long way to keeping your body healthy and strong!


Love and chi,