December 2, 2021

What You Need to Know About 5G

What You Need to Know About 5GGood Thursday to you all!

I know most of you who visit the CHEK Institute website, study any of my materials or read what I share on the various social media outlets are aware of the dangers of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution and the dangers of 5G.

Unfortunately, we are but a small minority when it comes to who is and isn’t conscious of the real dangers wireless technology and electronic technology causes in general.

Recently, my soul guided me to share with you the most important book ever written on the dangers of electronic and wireless technology: The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg.

By far, it is the most thorough and complete book that not only describes how electronic technologies damage our health, but how such technologies are devastating to nature! The Invisible Rainbow is available on various formats including Audible and very much worth your time to engage fully.

Many of you have heard me mention this Rudolf Steiner’ quote: Life as we know it depends on two things: Bees and trees. When they reach a critically low level, life on Earth will cease to exist as you know it.

In his incredible depth, wisdom and foresight, Steiner also said: Human beings will continue to make scientific advances with technology outside of themselves until they reach the realization, that everything they have created outside of themselves is within themselves. The question is will they destroy the planet before they figure it out?

The high-tech calamity

With a mountain of scientific studies and empirical evidence, The Invisible Rainbow clearly documents that electronic technologies started causing problems for human beings and nature from the beginning of their use, starting with static electricity generators then continuing with telegraph systems.

What you may be surprised to learn: Long ago in the beginnings of the telegraph era, a researcher found that he could measure electronic fluctuations within the Earth as much as 200 miles away from a telegraph line! Later, more advanced research showed that the same magnitude of relatively low voltage pulses could be measured across continents.

Take a minute to imagine what has happened to the Earth over the past century: Massive increases in the use of electronic technologies, radio stations, TV stations, huge amounts of military radar and other such technologies and the global telecommunications network, plus the progressive increases in speed and power with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G. (I’ve seen plans for the escalation of power and speed all the way to 10G!)

What You Need to Know About 5G

Why is this happening? Largely to spy on people and to control robotics.

With crystal clarity, Firstenberg demonstrates the devastating effects of all these technologies: How bee populations immediately began to die out when new radio and radar towers were erected, insects became confused and experienced all sorts of problems (and still do!), how forests started to die that were healthy before introducing such technologies, the connection to a long list of illnesses and disease (cancer, cognitive disorders, chronic fatigue), the negative influences on sea creatures and so much more.

If you haven’t listened to my Living 4D podcast with Dr. Ibrahim Karim and Doreya Karim on BioGeometry, it’s definitely worth your time. Dr. Karim was called in to help in parts of Europe where massive health problems were reported, not only in people, but farm animals, plants and pretty much every living thing where cell phone towers were built.

Fortunately, Dr. Karim was able to effectively restore the health and vitality in those regions quickly using BioGeometry. He knows this is does not address the root causes, but is also very aware that Big Tech has no interest in stopping the use of such technologies or even spending money to make them safer for people.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Firstenberg shows that the many huge issues with influenza in the past occurred, in every case, with the introduction of new radio, radar or related technologies being put into action.

His references to this issue should be a very big eye-opener to the people of the world considering what is happening now. Who knows what kind of so-called viral pandemics can be unleashed, not only with all the massive amounts of not only 5G technologies but the super high power military technologies being used and implemented, which Firstenberg also addresses.

Also, Firstenberg mentions there were 42,000 satellites, most of which were beaming dangerous EMFs into the global sphere. Recently, with the 5G rollout, there has been numerous sources reporting the launching of an additional 26,000 satellites. Unfortunately, that number is very low when combined with all the different companies launching 5G and other satellites, all of which are blanketing our planet in an EMF smog.

For those of you genuinely interested in informing people so we create enough public awareness to implement change, The Invisible Rainbow is an essential resource that is loaded with scientific research to validate our concerns.

I believe all CHEK Professionals at any level of training should at least listen to the audiobook version. Trust me, you won’t be bored and will be shocked and amazed at what you learn!

Are you an antenna?

Many of you are aware that I’ve done demonstrations worldwide in front of large audiences showing how most people who wear bellybutton rings cannot activate their core effectively, and sometimes at all. Yet, once people remove those bellybutton ring, in nearly every case, their core starts working again. I’ve even had people on stage with chronic back pain vanish a couple minutes after they removed their belly rings!

Any metal in or on your body, be it earrings, nose rings, studs or other jewelry, can act as antennas that draw EMFs into your body and cause lots of problems. I’ve seen it countless times in my clinical practice.

It is wise to remember that your body is mostly composed of water, the most sensitive molecule in nature to all EMF frequencies. Your body is also full of fascia, which is classified as an electrit (any substance that produces piezoelectric charges when deformed, such as a crystal). Your fascia is soaked in the fluids of your body, so when you have metals in or on your body, the charges being drawn into your body cause fascia to constrict, causing a variety of orthopedic and physiological problems

Some of you have had acupuncture treatments in the past and may have experienced needle grasp, which often occurs when the acupuncturist inserts and spins the needle. This is because the needle acts as an antenna drawing a variety of energies into your body. Chi or life force energy is what the acupuncturist intends to draw in with a needle, but every other frequency in the area that fits the dimensions of that needle finds its way there too. The increased energy coming through the needle causes the fascia to contract, grasping the needle often so hard that it cannot be pulled out for some time until the energy dissipates through the body.

If you study Bruce Lipton’s work, he shows you that every cell in our body (50+ trillion of them) has many thousands of frequency receptors on it, and it is these receptors that give your cells self-identity. All of your cells are frequency sensitive.

Banana face

If you have read my work on Posture and Craniofacial Pain (a prerequisite to IMS studies), you will have seen a case of banana face (see a picture of this here) that was one of my previous patients.

If you have a nose ring, your fascia on that side of your face will be overstimulated, causing a contraction of the fascia. Over time, this will draw your mandible toward the side of contraction. This will alter your bite and trigger a chain reaction, often resulting in atlas-axis subluxation and functional scoliosis, which for anyone who is athletic or doing manual/physical labor, is a booby trap leaving them highly susceptible to injury.

Heart problems

A few years ago, a friend of mine developed serious heart problems. His specialists wanted to place a stint in him, but he opted to try the suggested medications first. He got no results from the medications and just happened to come visit me one day and shared his concerns that he may need surgery.

The first thing I noticed is that he was wearing a big gold chain with a gold pendant hanging right over his sternum (right next to his heart). It was a chain and pendant he’d always worn and one I had suggested he remove for all the reasons I’m sharing here, but he forgot. After I told him to take off the pendant and chain immediately, within a minute his heart symptoms were gone!

Any metal you wear will attract any wave that is small enough to fit in the radius of the object you wear. Considering that many such frequencies (think microwaves) are many orders of magnitude smaller than even a nose ring, I recommend wearing such items only for parties or special events, but leave them off for everyday use. If you want to adorn yourself with such things, find items made of non-conductive materials, such as ceramic or bone.

Resources and tools from the experts

In addition to Arthur Firstenberg’s excellent book, here’s some other tools you may want to consider to help you make changes to protect yourself from 5G.

5G Harms Humans, Animals, Plants, Landmark Study Shows: This article by Dr. Joseph Mercola recently published in the Defender, not only addresses some very real concerns about 5G, it features of a pair must-watch YouTube videos on 5G Beware (features interviews with a physician and experts in electromagnetic radiation and technology) and Everything You Need to Know About 5G.

Books that can get you up to speed in a hurry on the health issues with EMF pollution that I highly recommend:

EMF*D by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nick Pineault

BioGeometry: Not only do we have some great BioGeometry products in the CHEK SHOP, you can receive a 10 percent discount on any of their highly effective technologies at their website store (use the code CHEK10 at checkout) that are simple to install and use, and can really make a huge difference in the quality of your life, from generating a calm inner experience in your body and living spaces, to BioGeometry pendants that can be used to protect and tune gland and organ systems to optimize them.

A BioGeometry practitioner, such as my wife Angie Chek, can also apply BioGeometry to your whole property. After Angie implemented BioGeometry tools on our 14-acre property, it resulted in a noticeable shift toward calming and improvements in the trees and plants on our property, and we don’t even have 5G here! (Thank Great Spirit for that!)

I hope the information I have shared in this article is helpful, and that it improves your level of awareness of what EMFs can do to decrease your health, vitality and immune function.

If you use the options and information I’ve discussed here to keep yourself healthy and safe while sharing your knowledge with others, we can all start making our voices heard on a big scale and do our best to redirect Big Tech corporations to take responsibility for producing safe applications of all electronic technologies.

We need to do this for ourselves, each other and, very importantly, as The Invisible Rainbow clearly makes abundantly clear, the health of the planet!

Love and chi,