August 21, 2018

The Revolution is Coming: My Conversation with Josh Trent

Happy Tuesday everybody! I warned you that this would be a HUGE podcast week for me, and it is!

Today marks the debut of a three-hour conversation I had at Heaven House with Josh Trent, host of Wellness Force Radio, who has more than 15 years under his own belt in the health and wellness industries.

We talked about so many things (some of which I outline below), Josh and his Wellness Force crew decided to split up our lengthy conversation into three one-hour podcasts that you can watch below via YouTube or download via Spotify or iTunes in order to listen to them when you have some free time.

What follows is a quick overview of my three podcast conversations with Josh. However, if you want get really granular in order to focus on a specific part of our conversation, check out this much longer list of show notes.


Part 1

  • Why I started the C.H.E.K Institute in 1995 and how it’s evolved.
  • Are vaccinations really beneficial?
  • How instant gratification has created so many problems in our society.
  • What we can learn from Native American cultures and our ancestors.
  • The resistance so many “experts” had about using Swiss balls in gyms.

Part 2

  • How tech developments steal our privacy and encourage us to buy more products.
  • The immense value buying organic foods has for our planet.
  • Becoming addicted to status symbols like cars and unnecessary toys.
  • Why focusing on happiness, stillness, nutrition and movement not only improves our lives but the world too.
  • The health dangers associated with microwaving our foods.

Part 3

  • The roots of depression: A fear that yesterday will become tomorrow.
  • How to know when you’re out of balance and use holistic approaches to help you heal.
  • The fear of change in modern culture.
  • Being happy without relying on your partner.
  • What different music genres like rap and hard rock do for lives and culture.

I hope you have an awesome week!

Love and chi,