June 22, 2020

The Relationship Dance

Good Monday to you!

Are you having trouble in your relationship with your partner?

All by itself, this question can be a loaded one depending on what side of the room you’re sitting on…

Maybe, you’re unable to form relationships with people you really like or you’re leaping from one relationship to another out of constant, pressing worries about feeling abandoned.

Either way, there’s major work you’ll need to do if your goal is to build loving, relationships that last.

This week’s blog/vlog is another excerpt from the most recent Q&A episode of my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast, and it’s a really important one.

I’ll give you a quick lesson on how you can stop the “relationship dance” from one person to another by doing the shadow work that helps you bring the unconscious triggers into the light of conscious awareness.

The Relationship Dance

The process begins with examining the first and formative relationships you had with your Mother and Father. Figuring out those dynamics and how they affect your current self in relationships gives you deep insights into the past and what worked and didn’t.

But that’s only the start.

Once you’ve figured out where you were, the destination to a better future is paved with lots of questions…

  • What is your dream?
  • What are your values surrounding relationships?
  • What’s really important to you?
  • Can you work with this person?
  • What sacrifices will you make to help this relationship grow?
  • Are you committed to this relationship 100 percent of the time?
  • Are you this person’s equal or capable of becoming it and vice versa?

Notice that all of these questions are about you.

This excerpt is a good coaching session in which I share my experiences and how I found Penny, the love of my life.

This work isn’t easy, but it’s very necessary if you want to have the relationship of your dreams.

Love and chi,