November 6, 2017

The Dead-Row and an Exciting Announcement!

Happy Monday!

First, I am very excited to announce 3 separate LIVE Events that will be taking place on three continents — North America (U.S./Canada), Europe (U.K.) and Australia — in 2018. Each event is held over a weekend and is open to everyone. Even better, there are no prerequisites needed to attend any of the events.

Each 2-day event is a fantastic way for “newbies” and C.H.E.K Institute-trained Professionals alike to interact LIVE with experienced CHEK Faculty Members. These instructors really are the top of their fields!

3 LIVE events on 3 continents:

  • Scientific Shoulder Training LIVE
  • Scientific Core Training — completely updated LIVE
  • Swiss Ball Training & Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation LIVE

You can view the details soon BUT registrations will open on Dec. 1. We are expecting all of these events to have a LOT of interest, so mark your calendars and head to the C.H.E.K Institute website on Dec. 1 to secure your place!

Now, onto my vlog for this week.

The Dead-Row

This is a simple exercise you can do that is very effective and great when you are pressed for time, as I sometimes find myself when I need to workout but only have 30 minutes between appointments!

You can find a variation of this exercise in How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy! where I show you how to perform it with a cable machine or elastic resistance. Here I am using a plate-loaded Olympic bar.

The exercise is a combination of a traditional or Sumo deadlift and a bent-over row. You can perform this in any combination of reps that you wish: 2 deadlifts followed by 2 bent-over rows, 4 deadlifts followed by 4 bent-over rows, 6 deadlifts followed by 6 bent-over rows, and so on.

Make sure you activate your core properly as I demonstrate in the video. If you are having challenges with this, I recommend following the assessments and corrective exercises in one of my books:

Also, if you are a coach or fitness professional, you’ll find Scientific Core Conditioning to be one of the most comprehensive courses on functional and optimal conditioning for the core that is available anywhere. Although this is now one of my older courses, the information and techniques I share are still far beyond what is taught in most personal trainer certification programs.


Enjoy this vlog!

Love and chi,