September 22, 2017

The Chek Party in Toronto Was a Blast!


I hope you’ve been enjoying my recent vlog interview with Matt Nichol, one of the world’s greatest strength coaches. Stay tuned for part 2 on Monday!

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 in Toronto

Angie and I co-taught HLC 2 in Toronto last week, and it was an awesome experience for Angie and me as well as our excellent students! We covered a lot of meaningful material and answered a lot of deep questions for these students, and they loved it.

CHEK HLC 2 students in Toronto


On day 5, Angie and I showed students how to break a case down by identifying the Mother (root cause) and Daughter (secondary cause) of a client’s challenges. We also showed them how to use all of their paperwork assessments to design an effective holistic program and more.

As usual, I got behind schedule sharing stories about client challenges, and the ways people get themselves into troubles in life, but Angie was able to catch us all up for an on-time finish.

We enjoyed Working-In together on a soccer field just a short walk from CHEK Faculty Member Carl Weston’s Raven Wellness facility.

Freeform Tai Chi


The course critiques were excellent, and we completed HLC 2 with a great sense of joy and gratification.

Toronto CHEK Get-Together

On the evening of day 4 (Saturday), we had a CHEK social event: A party with healthy food, plus my friend, Al Reid, brought two musical geniuses — Danton and Nicholas Sawchuck — to play for us. It was great and the music — a combination of cello and violin — was lovely.

Several of my PPS students, many C.H.E.K Institute-Trained Professionals and a number of fans of my work came to share in the celebration. I signed some books, enjoyed hearing stories about how people’s health was transformed by applying my book, How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy!, or working with C.H.E.K ITPs, and shared food and lots of hugs.

Mana was a hit at the party too. He was IN LOVE with all the beautiful girls, and probably did his best to eat some of everyone’s food and sneak a taste of what they were drinking. Mana loved the music and was dancing away for a while too. He never stopped enjoying all the people for a minute, nor they him. It was lovely.



We were beautifully supported by Bob and Margo Mullin, who picked us up from the airport and brought us lots of lovely food and water. Thank you Bob and Margo!

Thanks to Debra from Goodie Goodies for providing lots of lovely food and desserts for the party! Johnny Giroux gave us lots of support with transportation to and from the class for several days, and he really enjoyed his HLC 2 experience too.

Penny was busy supporting students, creating beautiful food for Angie, Mana and me and taking care of Mana while Angie taught class. It was lovely to enjoy great weather, great students, great food, exercise, social activities and friends together.

While I was in Toronto, I found an EXCELLENT massage therapist in the same building where I was staying! I’ve had a lot of massages in my life, from some great therapists — and a lot of not so great ones — but Jesse Van Rooi of Jesse’s RMT Clinical Massage ranks right up there with the very best!

Jesse is strong, but has excellent hands. I left there two times feeling like I’d been rebuilt and everything was in a state of synkinesis. Angie loved his work too. If you are ever in Toronto and want a great massage, try Jesse out.

Thank you Toronto!

Angie, Penny and I wish all of our students in HLC 2 the very best as they go into the world as CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches to fulfill their dreams, and help many others do the same.

CHEK Exercise Coach, Sydney, Australia With Matt Sorrensen

Congratulations to CHEK Faculty Member Matt Sorrensen and his awesome new CHEK Exercise Coach students who just completed their training in Sydney, Australia!


Congratulations on another great class, Matt, and thank you to all of the students for being the change! I hope to see all of you in C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1 as soon as you are ready to go deeper into mastery.

Love and chi,