July 12, 2009

Taking time out with Friends

I’ve taken some time out to visit with some of my friends lately. I’m a very busy person and because I spend most of my life teaching, coaching, being interviewed and dealing with people’s issues, I’m somewhat a hermit during my time off. When I can fnd time to be still and honestly be with people, I invite friends to come visit with me that I enjoy being around.

Honoring Nature

Honoring Nature

Here you can see me with some of my favorite people – Ryan Hughes and his lovely wife Jennifer. This day, CHEK Level 4 Practitioner Brendon Mentore was also visiting (Vidya is taking the photo). We spent some time playing music and singing to the plants and trees in my garden. We all love feeling how the nature spirits respond to our love and music.

Here’s Vidya playing her shaman drum!


I wish people could see and feel what I see because they would become much more loving and respectful of nature. Nature is our healing salve!