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  • Paul’s In Podcast Heaven!

    Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I’ve been a little slow getting this one out because we just got back from vacation and I’m trying to catch up. Our Vacation     Penny, Angie, Mana and I had an amazing […]

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  • Highlights from Paleo f(x) 2018

    I just got back from an awesome trip to Austin for the Paleo f(x) 2018 conference. It was a great event, filled with really high-caliber people who were very interested in holistic health, improving athletic performance and developing themselves emotionally and spiritually. Paleo f(x) […]

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  • Lifting & Painting For Body-Mind Balance

    Happy Monday! I hope you are all doing great and enjoying life. Today, I have a fun podcast and a video to share that are some of the fruits of my recent visit to the MindPump Media team in San […]

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