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  • Time to Talk Health!

    Time to Talk Health!

    Happy Wednesday to All! Yesterday was fantastic! I slept in, which I have not done in ages, but obviously must have needed the extra rest. I’m staying with my buddy Rory Mullin here in Toronto at his new condo overlooking […]

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  • Sharing Friend’s Creations ~*~

    Sharing Friend’s Creations ~*~

    Welcome to Our Day! I hope you’ve been enjoying the series on Soul-Union we just completed; which means you have an opportunity for daily practice ☺. I had a great deadlift session yesterday. I coupled deadlifts off a step-box with […]

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  • Hello to Holistic Lifestyle Coaches Level 2 AU

    Hello to Holistic Lifestyle Coaches Level 2 AU

    This was a great class. My student’s paid attention, asked penetrating questions, learned to simplify the process when working with clients, and are now ready to apply my coaching model with themselves and with clients! I feel that these coaches […]

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  • Zen Swing Afternoon

    Zen Swing Afternoon

    Another great exercise that I teach that helps to create balanced rhythm and cultivate positive chi is the Zen Swing. I recently came up with this exercise and have been teaching this regularly to my students this year. The practice […]

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  • Tai Chi Ruler by Myall Lake

    Tai Chi Ruler by Myall Lake

    I love teaching Tai Chi Ruler that I learned from Master Fong Ha back in 2002 (about that time anyway). This exercise cultivates lots of chi! I encourage all my students to cultivate a daily practice and to do the […]

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  • Myall Shores Healing through Harmonization Together

    Myall Shores Healing through Harmonization Together

    Many of you know how important it is to harmonize with your surroundings for optimal cultivation of chi – not only for yourself but if you are working with clients, it is essential. Here I’m teaching my students a very […]

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