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  • HLC2 Class Conclusion

    HLC2 Class Conclusion

    What a fantastic class!! Welcome to all my the new HLC2 Holistic Coaches! A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! I want you to know that I really enjoyed everyone who was in my class as many of you are […]

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  • Tai Chi Ruler

    Tai Chi Ruler

    One of my favorite work-in exercises that I love is the Tai Chi Ruler. Each morning in my HLC2 class here in Toronto we’ve been going to the park to do some chi-cultivating exercise before we get into the course […]

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  • HLC2 Toronto

    HLC2 Toronto

    Wow! What a great bunch of students! I have 24 enrolled and I am so happy to teach them the fundamentals of coaching people with holistic health! Here’s a peek this morning of day 3.

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  • May ~ July 2008

    May ~ July 2008

    Hello! Wow, it’s been over two months since I last wrote to you all and it feels like only minutes have gone by! I’m sure some of you have that feeling too. In this blog, I will share the following: […]

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