November 6, 2009

Hello to Holistic Lifestyle Coaches Level 2 AU

This was a great class. My student’s paid attention, asked penetrating questions, learned to simplify the process when working with clients, and are now ready to apply my coaching model with themselves and with clients! I feel that these coaches will help a lot of people in each of their perspective communities. I welcome the opportunity to see all of you again for HLC3.

We ended the day with a harmonizing toning session. It was an awesome experience, and the difference from the first day to the last was significant when we joined our voices and sounded together. Greg Doherty filmed it and will be uploading it to his YouTube account. When he does I’ll post it here too. In the meantime here is our class photo!


Thank you Greg and Vidya for all your support and help to make it easy for me to share my love with all my students!