April 28, 2022

Super-Charging Your Affirmations With Mark England and Kimberly Kesting

Happy Thursday!

How do you handle your affirmations? Do you write them down in your notebook, then wait for the perfect time to get started on them?

You already know the script. Most of those affirmations — like New Year’s resolutions — will be hidden away and soon forgotten, until the next crisis…

If you use affirmations properly, not only will they help you be a better and more capable individual, they re-enforce the necessary commitment, mental framework and work it takes to accomplish just about anything.

Affirmations need to be very practical and specific too. Just telling yourself, I’m a really good person… is way too vague and non-specific to really help you.

Super-Charging Your Affirmations With Mark England and Kimberly Kesting

This week’s blog/vlog provides some tips to super-charge your affirmations featuring my recent Living 4D guests Mark England and Kimberly Kesting.

We break down the practice of effective affirmations in three simple steps:

  • Proper breathing techniques that enable your brain and body to embrace those affirmations.
  • A visualization strategy that allows you to see the improvements you want to make and embody them.
  • Simple affirmations that distill exactly the kinds of things you want to accomplish.

If these simple strategies resonate with you, I hope you’ll listen to my entire conversation with Mark and Kimberly where they share many more of them to help you recognize why you’re not accomplishing what you want in life.

And, it all starts by recognizing you have one or several story gaps that need A LOT of work…

Love and chi,