January 16, 2018

Learning To Use Your Inner-Vision

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all enjoying 2018 so far! I sure am!

Today in my vlog, I’ll show you a couple of ways to activate and tap into your inner-vision that I’ll be expanding on at my upcoming Power Animal and Spirit Guides workshops. If you want to learn how to see auras or use inner-imagery for healing and spiritual growth, the techniques I share here give you a good start for doing just that.

Watch my video to learn some useful preparation methods, such as breathing to activate both brain hemispheres, and how to calm your nervous system to shut down negative stress influences that block in-visioning.


For those who want to learn more, I invite you to join Angie and me at our workshops Feb. 3-4 in Carlsbad, Calif. On day one, I will take you through a specific series of practices to prepare you for a shamanic journey to find your power animals and spirit guides.

On the second day, Angie will show you how to use nature divination and shamanic healing songs to help us heal trapped physical, emotional and mental pain, and more.

To learn more about these workshops and request access to the free lesson on power animals and spirit guides, click here.

I have been working with power animals and spirit guides, and helping others do the same for many years. As I share in my vlog, although some people have a harder time accessing their spirit guides, I’ve never had any challenges in guiding people to their power animal(s).

We have such a natural kinship with animals that even the most devoutly religious people who have fears around spirit guides don’t seem to be blocked when it comes to working with their power animals.

I invite you to read testimonials from people I’ve helped find and work with their power animals and spirit guides, and enjoy the free lesson I created by going to http://chekinstitute.com/power-animals/.


Once you sign up for one or both workshops, you’ll receive access to four more comprehensive online lessons as part of your tuition. These lessons will answer most of the questions people ask, help you understand what power animals and spirit guides are, and how you can access them with the right training. That way, we can focus on the preparation methods I suggest for enhancing your inner-visioning, and the actual shamanic journeys offered in the workshop.

Angie and I are excited to share many very practical, helpful shamanic techniques with you in our upcoming workshops. I hope you enjoy the short lesson I share here today and working on the development of your ability to use your third-eye (6th chakra).

Love and chi,