June 20, 2013

How to Breathe Like a Dragon!

Happy Thursday to You!

I had a great day with Donal Carr, our Australian Affiliate and C.H.E.K Instructor (www.placeofchi.com). I’ve shared many of my visits with Donal on previous blogs because we always seem to get up to fun and interesting things.

Today, Donal is flying to Chicago to teach HLC 1, so hopefully some of you will be in his class. He’s an excellent, highly authentic teacher; I’m sure the ladies will find him pleasant to look at and listen to!

Below, I share:

1. The Dragon Breath method I developed for teaching children how to breathe.

2. My rock stacking workout with Donal Carr.

3. Yelena and Svetlana Mammadova’s Recovery

How to Breathe Like a Dragon!

In the above video, I continue my breathing education with April, Vidya’s granddaughter.

In this video, I am teaching a method I use to make breathing a full, proper breath fun for kids to practice.

Using methods like this, I can actually get children to do the equivalent of tai-chi, but with this approach, they think it’s “fun”, which makes all the difference in the world when it comes to practicing.

2. Rock Stacking with Donal Carr in Heaven

Donal & Paul Add the Final Piece

Here you can see Donal and I putting the crown on our workout project. We both like to create rock art with heavy stones so we get the benefits of creative self-expression and exercise together; a real time saver!

Donal had just arrived from Sydney, Australia, which is a long flight. We did put up some quite heavy stones and had to work together, but we will probably make something super cool once he’s rested after returning from Chicago.

The stone you see at our torso level is the big one I showed me lifting the other day. It’s a good 300 pounds and we had to work pretty hard to stand it up on the stack at that height.

We had to balance on homemade stone steps, and try not to knock the stack over while standing this big boy up. Obviously, we did it.

Unfortunately, as we were shuffling around quickly under heavy load, Donal caught his foot on the edge of a rock and left me a nice blood donation in the stone circle.

Thanks Donal! The microbes will grow stronger now, and the soil richer. He shook it off like a pro and we finished our project.

Donal & Paul Finish the Stack

Here is our finished project. It’s pretty big and sure makes for some beautiful scenery for my neighbors. They can see directly into my stone circle from atop a hill next to my property here.

After we finished, I needed some more heavy lifting to nourish my hormonal system. I headed into the gym and did four sets of heavy deadlifts and reptilian crawls. That topped up my androgen levels and I headed home for a lovely evening.

Angie Lustrick (angiesworld.com) was in town for a business meeting, so she met Donal and I for dinner and a sauna. We enjoyed a 40-minute toning, chanting and singing session in my Health Mate IR sauna, which is excellent.

If you want to know more about how the Health Mate IR saunas can benefit you, feel free to look at my past post on that and see a special purchase offer I arranged for you (www….).

I hoped to finish the art I’ve been working on for my father’s Birthday gift, but we ran out of time by the time we got out of the sauna and had dinner. I’m almost done and will share a picture of it when I finish.

3. Yelena AND Svetlana Mammadova’S Recovery

Natalya Mammadova

Those of you that follow my blog may recall that Natalya Mammadova, the famous Russian volleyball player was here to see me for summer training camp and had to leave due to a family emergency.

Her sister, Yelena, was the victim of a car accident that was listed as a hit and run.

Fortunately, Tomi Toles, one of our C.H.E.K Instructors is taking care of her for me while in NYC to aid her sister in her recovery. Tomi’s brother is a detective with the NYPD and was able to find the accident report, showing that there were actually two cars involved.

With that accident report, Yelena can now get some insurance support for what will be very big hospital bills. Great work Tomi!

It turns out that Yelena’s injuries were greater in number than initially revealed to them, but she’s making a progressive recovery.

To top it all off, Natalya’s other sister, Svetlana, had to be taken to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. There were initially some problems that stopped the doctors from operating, but they have found the right surgeon and support needed to move forward.

If any of you can spare a moment in your day to close your eyes and see and feel Yelena and Svetlana Mammadova as whole, complete and one with all the beauty that we truly are, your love will be much appreciated.

Whenever we give love without condition, and see ourselves and others as WHOLE, we at once give that love to the world and all living beings.

To love any other without condition is a pure form of love that is unbound and non-local. It reaches the ends of the universe in an instant and is a gift to all.

I have Yelena’s photo on my water charger, and we are broadcasting a healing frequency right through her likeness. Through the laws of morphic resonance and Love, I know she is receiving a stream of love-chi from it, and from all of you who share a moment of your love.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek