October 6, 2022

Become The Scale: A Meditation

Become The Scale: A MeditationAll of us are dealing with polarities in life.

Do I take a COVID vaccine or not?

Is this guy or that guy telling me the truth?

Who is taking over the world?

It’s become hard to trust anyone these days, which is part of the big plan to keep us all confused and afraid.

Many of you have really enjoyed my series of meditations I’ve shared on my blog/vlog in the past, so I’m back with a new one called Become The Scale.

I hope with this meditation is that it brings you back to the middle — yes there is one — and there’s a safe place inside ourselves to get off the exhausting rollercoaster of polarities.

Just relax, breathe and to know that being with each other on this planet is such a miracle that’s worth celebrating every day…


Love and chi,