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  • Osho vs Chek on Lesbian & Gay People

    Namaste, I had a lovely productive day yesterday. I hope you did too! We are gearing up for the 2011 CHEK Conference here in San Diego, which will be fun Labor Day Weekend. Although I’m not really into birthdays, we […]

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  • My IR Sauna Detox Tips & Mike Salemi Training

    I’m Loving life and feeling terrific! I wanted to take some time today to talk about Infrared Saunas, And How They Help You Feel Amazing! Over the last month of having an HealthMate infrared sauna in our home has been […]

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  • Paul’s Update & Vegetarian Diet

    Well Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. Well, I’m busy traveling and teaching again. I ‘m off to teach functional exercise at Muscle Up Symposium in Montreal tomorrow morning and then over to UK to teach PPS Lesson […]

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    Hello and good day! I hope you are all well, in TAO, walking the middle way – not too much – not too little. Today, I’d like to share my own Taoist perspective on vegetarianism. I get a barrage of […]

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