September 23, 2009

My Level 4 C.H.E.K Practitioner Carolyn Vanzlow

I recently received this beautiful pic from my Level 4 Practitioner Carolyn. This is what she wrote me about her C.H.E.K. Level 4 gifts !

“Level 4 is not just a certification, it is a lifetime gift. When I arrived home after those profound 14 days with Paul and my classmates, I knew I had made a large shift in how I am going to approach the way I live my life. Starting with the case history, all the way to the final day of class, it was like a spiritual cleansing allowing the old to leave and and replacing with the new. I needed an outlet that would give back to me, so that I may continue to give to others.


“As of May 2009 my latest form of mental R and R is cycling to Red Rock from my home. This gives me time to sift through my thoughts while soaking in all the positive energy from the beautiful red rocks and purple mountains. Somehow no matter what my frame of mind prior to my ride, everything looks clearer, I feel better physically and I am able to focus again. This is the greatest gift I can give to myself and my clients..quieting my mind and being totally present with’s so much simpler this way.”
Love, Carolyn

You can learn more about Carolyn and her services by visiting her site :