December 5, 2017

How to Do a Single Arm Chin-up!

How to Do a Single Arm Chin-up!Doing a single arm chin-up is no easy task, even for the world’s most elite athletes. Of all the strong men I have met, worked with or know, probably only 2 percent of them can do a single arm chin-up, so that should put the whole thing into perspective.

I get questions from students and visitors on my YouTube channel about how to do a single arm chin-up, so I thought I would offer some suggestions.

In my vlog today, I start by demonstrating why I’m qualified to teach you how to develop your ability to do a single arm chin-up.

Next, I share several tips for progressively developing your strength, the importance of keeping your lats from getting too tight, several different methods of chin-ups/pull-ups, the importance of developing grip strength, how to use eccentrics, and how to add load to your chin-ups to develop one-arm strength!

I hope you enjoy learning how to do the single arm chin-up! If you like these videos, please share them with all of your friends!

Video contents

  • 1:12 Single arm chin-up demo
  • 2:56 Using different sizes of chin-up bars
  • 3:48 The Farmer’s Carry to develop grip strength
  • 4:40 Multiple grip chin-ups
  • 7:41 Pull to press
  • 8:40 Improving performance by 1-3 percent each workout
  • 9:20 Rock climber chin-ups
  • 10:10 Circle chin-ups
  • 10:55 Neck injuries and chin-ups
  • 11:50 Latissimus dorsi stretch
  • 13:28 Variable depth, variable speed training
  • 15:42 Weighted chin-ups
  • 17:12 Emphasis on eccentrics
  • 20:25 One-arm chin-ups with extra support

Recommended resources

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Additionally, if you want to learn from a true master, you can enroll in CHEK Exercise Coach, the only strength and conditioning training program that is truly holistic and accessible for athletes and health care professionals.

Love and chi,