May 18, 2022

Getting The Most Out of Astrology With Ernst Wilhelm

Many of you know that I’m a big believer in astrology, yet just as many people regard these insights like the paper inside a fortune cookie, so they ignore them.

Then, there’s people who believe so deeply in astrology, they’ll readjust their lives from top to bottom based on a single reading…

Is there a middle path for people to use astrology productively without upending their lives completely?

Getting The Most Out of Astrology With Ernst Wilhelm

I asked Ernst Wilhelm, my go-to source for astrological knowledge, this very question recently on my Living 4D podcast.

The real problem, Ernst says, are clients who contact him with a list of questions they want answered right then and there.

How Ernst approaches people wanting his counsel (along with those who don’t even believe in astrology) — I guarantee you’ll be surprised by his response — is the subject of this Living 4D podcast excerpt.


If you enjoy this short video and want to learn more about Ernst’s work, check out our full Living 4D conversation where we talk about the astrological connections to the sun and our Chakra systems and so much more!

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